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I know you are trying to pretend that it’s not Christmas yet.  And you’re right.  But it’s not too early to be thinking about shopping.  This year, why not shop local?  As you do, let us know about it (if you can do it without spilling the beans).  Post your favourite local gift ideas right here on the blog.  Share your brilliant ideas with the rest of us who are scrambling to figure out what to get our parents, in-laws, neighbours, teachers, co-workers, kids, nieces, nephews, partners, sisters, brothers, dogs, cats, gerbils and ourselves of course.

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Where to begin?  Danforth Gem – Ciraco Custom Framers

You might want to start by getting them something they will really treasure.  I notice there is a new photography studio at Danforth and Glebemount called Model Photography. Then you could walk yourself over to Ciraco and get a custom frame.

Ciraco is offering 15% off all custom framing and all it’s 3D art until Dec. 23rd.  (If the only 3D art you’ve seen was in 1993, you should walk in and check it out.  It’s very cool).

Owner, Fernand Ciraco (as well as being involved in the Danforth East Arts Fair) has been doing custom framing for 30 years.  The first 18 years were primarily corporate clients, but 12 years ago he opened a retail shop.  Ciraco has become a respected player in the commercial business preparing work for a Saudi palace and new home builders such as Mattamy, Remington, Wycliffe and Daniels.

Fernand continues to be innovative and creative with framing ideas.  A while back he started producing 3D renderings of homes and logos for builders and developers and has now taken that and developed it into a fine art that can be appreciated at home.  They’ve been recognized at a number of shows including the One Of A Kind show, Cottage Life and Home shows.  This 3D art is on display at the shop.

All work is done on the premises and they are there to help with suggestions or advice on how to frame  art, photography, mirrors, baby booties, doggie collars or whatever your beloved will cherish.  Gift certificates are available.

Ciraco Custom Frames’, 1946 Danforth across from East Lynn Park, 416-421-2036

H: Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 10-5, Closed Sundays.  Book by appointment for private consultation.

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  1. I often buy a selection of gourmet cooking oils, vinegars and seasonings at Royal Beef for cooks on my list, and to use as hostess gifts. It’s also a good gift idea for “Secret Santa” gift-giving at the office. For cat/dog lovers, definitely Wag on the Danforth.

  2. Not sure how “local” this is considered but a new toy shop has opened next to the Big Carrot – it’s called “100-mile child” and sells fair trade & locally made eco-type toys for children. I’ve purchased all of my son’s gifts there.

  3. what can happen is our family & friends etc. will tell us their ideas for gifts indirectly we just have to listen as there are many and varied shops in this area new and existing

  4. Playmobil toys from John’s Hobbies for my daughter and nephew. Beautiful seasonal floral arrangements from Darling Flowers for my mother-in-law. Wool for projects (or cute and reasonable handmade items if there’s not time for projects) from The Wool Mill. Gift certificate to Value Village for the serious thrifters in my life. Basket of delicious selection of dried fruits and nuts from Better Bulk for the group gift (daycare, office staff, etc.)

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