DECA Discussions

Stay Tuned – Episodes 3 & 4 will take place Monday, October 26th and Monday, November 30th


Episode 2: Confronting Anti-Black Racism in our Classrooms (August 31, 2020)

Lanrick Bennet Jr in discussion with the QuarantineEd team of Matthew Morris and Jay Williams, two TDSB teachers who pivoted their “Quarantine Ed” initiative to focus on anti-black racism. You can read about their story here.


Episode 1: Anti-Racism in Danforth East (July 27, 2020)

Thank you to those who joined us for our first DECA Discussion. A special thanks to our moderator Lanrick Bennett Jr and our featured speakers Dr. Notisha Massaquoi and Cheryll Case.


Please join us for future DECA Discussions which will be held on the last Monday of each month.