DECA Story Trail

Welcome to the DECA Story Trail!

This summer there are adorable animals hiding in shops along the Danforth! 

Find them all to win prizes! 

How to play:

  1. Register as a participant in the DECA Story Trail by visiting this link
  2. Visit the participating retailers in any order you’d like and find the QR Code that is hidden in each shop.
  3. Open the camera on your smart phone and scan each QR Code to reveal the special animal character hidden in that location. Take a picture, video or screenshot and share on social media if you’d like! #DECAstorytrail
  4. Record the name of the kind of animal you find in each location.
  5. When you’ve found 11 characters visit DECA Tent at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market any Thursday 3-7pm until October 12, 2023, to receive your Story Trail completion button and a promotion pack from local businesses.
  6. If you choose, continue to collect all 22 characters! Then, when you’re done, return to DECA Tent at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market to be entered into a reoccurring draw to win prizes from businesses along the Danforth beginning July 21st through October 6th!

Why a Story Trail?

 Small businesses are the backbone of our community and are facing a more competitive landscape as a result of competition from online retailers, effects of the pandemic, and rising costs. The Story Trail offers an innovative way to bring people back to our local small businesses, including our DECA Farmers’ Market, and to encourage them to get outside and explore our local neighbourhood. 

Which Vendors are participating in the Story Trail?

How long will the Story Trail run?

 From July 6 to October 12!


Do I have to collect all the characters at once?

 No – you can collect them at your leisure! You might choose to collect them all in a day or you can collect them over the Summer. 


How did DECA put the Story Trail together?

 DECA is a not-for-profit local community organization and our board worked together with some amazing and innovative local volunteers to bring the Story Trail to life!

In addition, for this project, DECA received a grant funded by the City of Toronto’s Main Street Innovation Fund, as part of Government of Canada support through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario to help cover costs of the Story Trail.