Keep it local for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and it’s not just for your sweetheart and loved ones. Show some of our local businesses some love! Everything you need for wooing is right around the corner.

Some ideas:  (this list is just the tip of the iceberg!)

Moberly Natural Foods – 2044 Danforth
Can you say chocolate? Fancy cheese and crackers? Bulk candy? Evidently, decadence occurs in nature because this natural food shop has it in abundance!

Royal Beef – 1968 Danforth

Staying in? Whatever you want for dinner, you should buy it from here. Seriously..and lunch…and breakfast.


Sweet Serendipity Bake Shop – 1335 Danforth

This is a relatively new shop just west of Coxwell, and if you haven’t been GO.THERE.NOW. Honestly, this is the kind of place that every neighbourhood yearns for. For Valentine’s Day they even have a special spicy red velvet cupcake!



Len: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art & Beautiful Things – 698 Coxwell
A few doors north of Danforth, this store full of beautiful things owned by local couple Christal and David will have the perfect gift for the man or woman on your list (including yourself!). They’ve kindly written their own Valentine’s Day post so you can get a sneak preview of what’s on offer.

len vdaynow-readers-choice-winner-cmyk-300x300

Artisans at Work – 2071 Danforth (at Woodbine)

Own Tara is a talented jewellery designer, which is a great start but it doesn’t stop there. This space is brimming with unique and beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts created by artists and artisans.  Warning: you will need time to look at everything and you’ll want to buy it all.


Melanie’s Bistro – 1870 Danforth

Delicious three course meals or just stop in for dessert!

melanie's vday

NaNa Florist – 2454 Danforth (east of Woodbine)

Because, flowers.


Jenny’s Floral Boutique – 1898 Danforth (across from East Lynn Park)

Because, flowers.


This list is only the beginning – bundle up and take a stroll to see all of the wonderful shops for yourself.

If you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrate the fact that we made it half way through February and it’s a long weekend!!

10 Years for Local Sweet Spot – SUGARMOON

Congratulations on 10 Years on the Danforth

We have love for SUGARMOON.  We noted the local body sugaring salon as a Danforth Gem in previous posts.  Which is why we are so happy to wish them a Happy 10th Birthday.

The SUGARMOON story is one that aspiring business owners can learn from.  They started as a small in home business in the east end and over the years have moved twice, opened a second downtown location, launched their own line of organic skincare products and most recently, launched their Sugaring Take-Home Kit. Where will they go next?

Besides helping to improve our community by making us smooth and hairless, owner Paola Girotti has helped our community by partnering with DECA on a number of projects.   She’s donated to the DECA Arts Fair, donated to have the wading pool at East Lynn Park painted and most recently the helped co-host the Harvest Moon Festival at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market.  “SUGARMOON wouldn’t be where we are today without the community…” notes Paola, “and we’re so excited about all the positive changes that have been happening in the neighbourhood.”

Congratulations Paola and the SUGARMOON team on 10 fabulous years! Thank you for your commitment to our neighbourhood.

The SUGARMOON gang will be downtown at the National Women’s Show this weekend. Every other day of the week, except Sunday’s, you can find them at 1509 Danforth Avenue.

TONIGHT: Pub crawlin’ good times with DECA

Don’t forget about the DECA Pub Crawl tonight.  The fun starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Sidewalk Café then continues on to Sarah’s Cafe and Bar, El Sol, TKO’s and Relish Bar & Grill.  There promises to be tappas, margaritas, karaoke, martinis, mexican beer and great conversations with your neighbours.  For more info or to RSVP contact Tara.

Happy Birthday Silly Goose Kids!

We’ve written about how awesome we think Silly Goose Kids already, noting the toy store as a Danforth Gem early on in its existence. This store has everything – all things train, a vast selection of books, the most fashionable kids shoes, princess dress-up clothes, super fast scooters, eco friendly teething toys, change table in the washroom, rocking chair to nurse in, play area for the toddles, gorgeous gift wrapping, plus all the amazing guests that they’ve brought into the neighbourhood.  SGK has added to community events by bringing crafts and activities to many DECA events as well.


The gang at SGK asked that we pass along this note to the neighbourhood:

This weekend Silly Goose Kids is celebrating our first birthday!
When opening our store we had hoped  that we would become a “hub” for our community, somewhere that people could hang out, meet friends, feed their babies,make music , share insights on parenting and have a coffee once in awhile.

This past year we have met so many wonderful people in our Neighbourhood and feel very fortunate to be where we are today. We would like to say thanks to DECA for all of their support while we were getting started and continuing to promote local businesses.

We would also like to say thank you to everyone for coming to us for your birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, new baby, new sibling, get well, back to school, moving in, moving out and just because gifts!!

Please come and celebrate our birthday with us. We have lots of fun planned for Saturday and Sunday (Sept 22-23).
Pssst.. Save the tax all weekend!

See you soon!
The gaggle Silly Goose Kids


Danforth Gem – Groove

There’s been a lot of talk on the blog about the new Kilt and Harp pub on the Danforth. That prompted one of DECA’s Business Revitalization Team members, Tara, to send along this dispatch from the trenches.

“My fave has always been the Groove Bar and Grill, it was my “local” for ages (Danforth & Woodmount). The food is good, and families are welcome there.  They have good beers on tap, and the family that runs it work hard to keep the good customers happy! The landlady/manageress goes by the name of ‘Mama’ and is quite a character, and also very very sweet.

Another to note about is the Naval Club on Gerrard, where DECA held it’s Renew Newcastle event last week (Gerrard and Woodbine).  The cost for a membership is $45/year, and you can hold your events there, and also your clubs, meetings etc. I thought they should really push that, so locals can gather with their hobbies, stitch &  bitch nights, Mahjong, bookclubs etc. which will help them succeed, as they are a relatively new business for the neighbourhood.

The place has a good feel, and who knows, it might be a great place to meet single sailors!! ;)

Danforth Gem – Kilt & Harp

Susan Bates poked her nose into a new pub opening on the Danforth and files this report…

Being a DECA board member and on the Business Revitalization Team, I wanted to learn more about the stores along the Danny and in some cases, the lack of active stores.  I walked by a restaurant that has been an eyesore for years.  I looked in the restaurant and it was undergoing a major renovation.  I knocked on the door and was greeted by a man, who spoke with an Irish accent.  He explained that he bought the restaurant and was renovating it to turn it into an Irish pub to be named Kilt and Harp.  Yes, one of my dreams had come true!

Mervyn Wallace is from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Twenty-two years ago he left behind the violence and poor economic times and planned to immigrate to Vancouver.  Merv had a stop over in Toronto and decided to stay; in fact he yet to visit Vancouver.  He loves Toronto – the people, the diversity and the business opportunities.  He always wanted to an open Irish pub and opened the Kilt and Keg with his girlfriend at Greenwood and Danforth a couple of years ago.  It was a success so they decided to open another pub and walked east along the Danforth looking for a location.  They saw the Carmelina Condos sign at Woodbine and Danforth and figured those condo residents would appreciate a good Irish pub.  His philosophy is “Build a pub and they will come to drink”.  Since he started renovating, people have been knocking on his door asking about his pub and then encouraging him to open as soon as possible.

Merv gave me a tour of his pub-in-progress.  The walls are red and the wainscot is black with new hardwood floors. Bar ledges are installed for those who like to stand and drink and there will be bar stools for those who don’t.  In the back room will be pool tables and darts.  The front window will be replaced with a window that will roll up to enjoy the warmer weather.  A tour of the kitchen showed brand new equipment and his assistant assures me that the kitchen will be beyond clean. Twelve beer taps will be available along with pub food.  A few doors down, Celena’s Bakery, will be providing their English fare skills and goodies for the pub.  Music, Irish and otherwise, will be an occasional feature of the Kilt and Harp.  Explaining the significance of the pub’s name; Kilt represents the Irish and Scottish and Harp is a beloved and historical Irish emblem.

Mark your calendars for the “soft” opening day – March 7, to be followed by the grand opening in April.  Be sure to drop by for a pint and give a warm welcome.  I’ll definitely be there fulfilling my dream.


DECA is always out there snooping around, pressing our collective nose in the window of new businesses and chatting up business owners. What have our spies learned lately?

A “lovely Irish guy” named Merv has taken over Susanna’s at 2046 Danforth and is turning it into an Irish pub. He has experience as a publican and he is busy renovating, putting in wainscotting etc. He hopes to open March 1st. Merv is looking forward to his first St. Paddy’s Day at Kilt To Harp.