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There’s been a lot of talk on the blog about the new Kilt and Harp pub on the Danforth. That prompted one of DECA’s Business Revitalization Team members, Tara, to send along this dispatch from the trenches.

“My fave has always been the Groove Bar and Grill, it was my “local” for ages (Danforth & Woodmount). The food is good, and families are welcome there.  They have good beers on tap, and the family that runs it work hard to keep the good customers happy! The landlady/manageress goes by the name of ‘Mama’ and is quite a character, and also very very sweet.

Another to note about is the Naval Club on Gerrard, where DECA held it’s Renew Newcastle event last week (Gerrard and Woodbine).  The cost for a membership is $45/year, and you can hold your events there, and also your clubs, meetings etc. I thought they should really push that, so locals can gather with their hobbies, stitch &  bitch nights, Mahjong, bookclubs etc. which will help them succeed, as they are a relatively new business for the neighbourhood.

The place has a good feel, and who knows, it might be a great place to meet single sailors!! ;)

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  1. The DECA newsletter is such a great forum. Thanks for letting us know about all the gems along the Danforth in our area.

    You mentioned “stitch & bitch”. Do you know if anyone has a knitting/crochet club session out there or if anyone is interested? I would be willing to set it up. I have gotten away from my knitting and it would be great to meet with a few people in the neighbourhood every week, two weeks or even once a month to compare stitches, etc.

    Let me know – Greta Lariviere, beavnet1@sympatico.ca

  2. Enjoyed a great time in our new local – Kilt + Harp yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day! Sive Pausey (12) one of our own talented Irish Dancers started the Ceiligh with a song and a dance. Young Irish guys from the west end followed up. Hoping Merv will get some micro brews on tap. Cozy + lively! TERRIFIC addition to the hood!

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