Hydro Rates and Police Tips

Hydro Rates

MPP Michael Prue will be hosting a public meeting tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 25th, 7-9 p.m.) to talk about rising hydro rates.  The meeting will happen at 2174 Danforth Ave. at the Danforth Mennonite Church – just east of Woodbine.  For more information contact 416-690-1032 or www.michaelprue.com

Safety Tips From Toronto Police – 55 Division

1. Due to a high number of street robberies, mostly cell phones, in and around local high schools lately, police visibility has been greatly increased. Try and avoid going for a walk around the schools during school hours.
2. Drivers rushing and speeding through cross walks has caused concern with residents and police.  Police coverage is being beefed up at cross walks to encourage drivers to sloooowwww dowwwwn.
3. If you notice anyone texting while driving, write down their license plate number and phone it into the police, 416-808-5500 or 808-5400. These people are still the biggest menace on the roads and they will be ticketed at their front doors if they are reported.
4. Skateboards, like bikes are a vehicle and not allowed on a sidewalk. Skateboarders are to follow the rules of the road. A vehicle and pedestrian blitz one week in November resulted in 571 charges in one week.
5. The RIDE program will be accelerated in the next month though it does exist all year long.
Security Tips
  • Park in well lit areas with pedestrian traffic. Lock your car.
  • Hide valuables in a secure location, out of view of passersby. Even a bag going to Goodwill  is alluring as the contents are unknown to the thief.
  • Do not leave change in the console or within view.
  • Completely close your car windows.
  • Install a safety alarm in your vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in the vehicle unattended.
  • Have signage located on the car that warns of any deterrents likes alarms.
  • Lock vehicles even if in a locked garage.
  • Keep registration and insurance on your person, not in the car.
  • Have someone shovel your sidewalks when away. You have 24 hours after a snowfall to shovel your walks. Assist the elderly and disabled if they don’t have help.
Crime Prevention Tips
With the change in weather  it is important to remind ourselves and our neighbors of a few crime prevention tips:
  • Lock doors and windows – including garage and sheds.
  • Give your house a lived in look.
  • Don’t put your Christmas presents under the tree that are visible from a front window, especially if visible from the street.
  • Make a home inventory checklist for things of value.




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