Don’t Say Goodbye, Just Say So Long

You might have heard that DECA’s very own Mary-Margaret McMahon has left the DECA executive table.  Perhaps the salary she received as DECA’s resident eco-guru, local food nut, tree tender and all around eager beaver volunteer just wasn’t enough ($0).  She’s off to City Hall, and no doubt we’ll still be seeing her plenty, but she’s officially ‘left the DECA building’ and she wanted to send along a little note to all of you.

How great it is to have had the opportunity to help transform a neighbourhood with a dynamite grassroots group!
How wonderful it is to have so many people believing in you and supporting you!
How lucky I am to live with all of you in our quaint and cozy neighbourhood!
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
I am very excited about working together to continue making our pocket, our ward, and our city the best they can be!
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