Cocktail Party, Wine And Cheese, La-Tee-Da

DECA Community Cocktail Party

Thanks to everyone who came out on Monday to another great party.  Thank you ever so much to our fabulous hosts, Melanie Ferreira and staff of Melanie’s Bistro, for wonderful food and drink.  14 people were elected to the 2011 DECA executive board.  There was a change for the time being to make the vice-chair position into a co-chair position and I’m delighted to have Sheri Hebdon as my new co-chair.  There was a lot of fierce campaigning leading up to the vote…accusations of dirty politics and vote-rigging, but when the dust settled, here’s how it all netted out:

Co-chairs – Sheri Hebdon, Natasha Granatstein (that’s me)

Secretary – Alison McMurray

Treasurer – Lorraine Cheng

Members -At-Large – Angela Matich, Catherine Porter, Mary Cowan, Peter Schmiedchen, Sarah Kiriluk, Rachel Jolicoeur, Steve Wickens, Shelley Darling, Anita Schretlen, and Melissa Peretti.

Thank you so much to Brian Spratley, David Gardner, Colleen Clarke and Mary-Margaret McMahon who are leaving the board this year.

The board won’t meet again until 2011 and you certainly don’t have to be a board member to come to the meetings.  I usually post the note here to let people know when the meetings are happening.  You’re welcome to come and we’d love to have you.

Woodbine Avenue Gallery

This gallery is at 1175 Woodbine, just north of Sammon.  It is featuring and selling paintings by Peter Crighton, Friedbert Renbaum and nancy Joy Wilson.  The wine and cheese opening is tonight (Thursday, Nov. 18th) from 6 – 10 p.m. and the show continues all weekend 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Now, wouldn’t that brighten up your rainy Thursday evening?  You could stop in for some wine, cheese and art, then you could cross the street to Nutralicious Kitchen and get a fabulous prepared meal for dinner, then you could go home and feel smug about how lucky you are to live in such a cool neighbourhood.

Parking On Your Driveway

Driveway parking came up in both of the debates DECA held before the municipal election.  That made me think you might be interested in this story from yesterday’s Toronto Star.

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  1. I guess I missed something because I hadn’t realized that the DECA elections were also being held as part of this event, which in the communications I received was billed simply as a community cocktail party. I would have come earlier if I’d realized it was also an AGM. At any rate, congratulations to the new board and thanks for a lovely gathering. I’ll be including a picture from it in the December issue of my Danforth CentreTown News.

    Gary 17, Publisher

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