DECA Cocktail Party

Monday, November 15th.  7 p.m.  @ Melanie’s Bistro (1870 Danforth).  Space is limited.

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  1. Once again, another great AGM. A huge thank you to all the DECA volunteers who have made this association so successful.

  2. Hello members of DECAm
    Several of my friends live happily in this neighbourhood because they bought a house there with me. I love this area of Danforth, I find it more vibrant and sincere than further west. I am a realtor and a writer (and I was a puppeteer many years ago, I worked once with Jim Henson, the voice and creator of Kermit the Frog, pictured in this blog, ha!) One of my short stories from the series “Real Stories about Real Estate” is about a young family now living on Bastedo Ave. Thought you might enjoy it, here it is:
    This story is about the house hunt with baby Jaimie. As we carried him in and out of the car to explore yet another house, he always smiled. We finally found the perfect house: a wonderful large bungalow, with a historical façade, large backyard, and backing into a park. We made an offer the same day, but so did someone else. Our opponent was a builder with big plans: to demolish the bungalow and replace it with five, profit-promising townhouses. We lost that battle.
    And we lost many others after that; each time someone was willing to pay much more. Months went by, but baby Jaimie continued to smile. The market shifted, and our seventh offer was a success. It was without a doubt the best of all the houses: golden hardwood floors, a huge kitchen, a lovely garden, even a garage. Finally, baby Jaimie had a home.

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