Danforth East Arts Fair

September 18th and 19th make your way to East Lynn Park for DECA’s 2nd annual Danforth East Arts Fair. This is a high-quality fair with a range of arts and crafts to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.  Last year was great.  This year is bigger (with lots more arts vendors) and better (with yummy food on site so you can spend more time lingering).

But, we need a little bit of help to make it a success.  We need your help getting the word out and putting up posters. It’s a little thing, but it’s a BIG thing.  If you can help with a hour or so of your time, we would really really (really!) appreciate it.  Contact Mary at mary.vallis@gmail.com because she has printed versions that she can deliver to your door or she’s got a PDF that she can send you if you just want to print off a few and post them, say at your office or your school or your favourite cafe or your dog groomer or your in-laws’ house or your videotron or wherever you think two eyes might see it.

Also, why not put a link to the website on your facebook page or send your friends around the city an e-mail and let them know about this terrific arts fair that’s happening in your ‘hood?

Tim Bits and Relish (yummy) Bites

Two ends of the fine dining spectrum here.  I notice the Esso/Tim Horton’s at Greenwood is open for business.  I must say maintaining that theatre marquee is a nice touch.  Let’s hope it spurs a bit of a clean up of that intersection.

On the other end is Relish Bar and Grill, just past Woodbine on Danforth.  If you haven’t tried Relish, you are missing out one of the best restaurants in the neighbourhood and the city.  It’s fantastic.  And, starting September 1st, you can also do Relish for lunch.  Tues – Sat 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Sunday brunch from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  Very good news indeed.

Bike Racks At East Lynn

Mary-Margaret McMahon tells me that after three years of cajoling, the City is set to install bike racks at East Lynn Park.  They should be there sometime in the next few weeks.  Patience, they say, is a virtue.

Great Goofy Games

Speaking of East Lynn Park – our Vice Chair, Catherine Porter, was at a craft fair in Scarborough recently and they had these delightful games for the young ‘uns.  That got her thinking how great it would be if we had something similar for the Farmers’ Market and other DECA events.  Do you have the creativity, the skills and the desire to create some of these games to share with the community?  Let Catherine know at catherine_porter@rogers.com

Food, Fun & Fitness

This Thursday is a busy busy day at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market.  At 4:30 p.m., everyone is welcome to join Beth Yarzab from Career FitMom for some PlayFit.  Join a circuit of games and play – you get a workout while your child gains developmental skills.  You will use balls, bands, toys and your own two feet to jump, bend, shake and shimmy in some fun fitness.

Also look for the good people from Toronto East General.  They’ll be back and they’ll be talking safety.  Wanna know who knows about the consequences of unsafe behaviour?  The emergency room nurses and docs at Toronto East General – that’s who.

Thursday night is DECA’s very popular Movie In The Park night.  Bring your blanket or chairs and settle in on the hill of East Lynn Park for the Diary of  a Wimpy Kid at 8:45 p.m.

Job Posting

Mama Earth Organics is looking for an inventory/packing person from this neighbourhood – Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.  If you would like to see the job posting or know more, contact mamaearthjob@gmail.com.

East Lynn Park Foundation

From Alison McMurray…

Thank you to everyone who signed our letter of support yesterday for the wading pool to stay in East Lynn Park.  Andrea and I were involved with the revitalization of the park and I still have the plans in my kitchen!  We are re-forming ELF  – East Lynn Park Foundation, to best decide how to spend this money as a community.  It may be years before we see the money and although $100K has been earmarked, we will see what we get.

If you did not sign the letter and would like to be involved, please email me at alisonmcmurray@rogers.com.

All In A Day’s Work

Received at 3:38 p.m. on Thursday afternoon…

Dear Residents,

I am pleased to announce that $100,000 will be dedicated to East Lynn Park from Section 37 monies received in relation to the Woodbine Building Supplies redevelopment application. In addition, monies will be directed toward the Stephenson and Moncur Parks in our ward.

Members of the community, in concert with Sandra Bussin, City Councillor, and the Parks Department will develop a plan for the funds provided. Further notice will be given, if and when this proposal is adopted by City Council.

Best regards,


What Can You Do?

DECA has been in contact with Sandra Bussin’s office on this issue.  When I see something in writing, I’ll let you know.  Until then, ff you want to have your voice heard on this subject.  Here are a few suggestions.

1. Call Councillor Sandra Bussin’s office  416-392-1376 or her executive assistant, David McCully 416-392-1376 and then follow up with an e-mail to councillor_bussin@toronto.ca or dmccull@toronto.ca

2. If you live in another ward (or even if you don’t) you can also let your councillor know how you feel:

Janet Davis 416-397-4870 councillor_davis@toronto.ca

Paula Fletcher  416-392-4060 councillor_fletcher@toronto.ca

Case Ootes 416–392-4032 councillor_ootes@toronto.ca

3. Let the City of Toronto local planner know how you feel: Leontine Major at lmajor@toronto.ca

4. Make your views known about this in writing or in person during the public meeting at Toronto and East York Community Council on August 17th at City Hall (100 Queen W.).   In writing (before Aug. 16th) to:

City Clerk – Attention Rosalind Dyers

Toronto and East York Community Council

City Hall, 2nd Floor West

100 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2

or to teycc@toronto.ca or fax 416-397-0111