All In A Day’s Work

Received at 3:38 p.m. on Thursday afternoon…

Dear Residents,

I am pleased to announce that $100,000 will be dedicated to East Lynn Park from Section 37 monies received in relation to the Woodbine Building Supplies redevelopment application. In addition, monies will be directed toward the Stephenson and Moncur Parks in our ward.

Members of the community, in concert with Sandra Bussin, City Councillor, and the Parks Department will develop a plan for the funds provided. Further notice will be given, if and when this proposal is adopted by City Council.

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  1. No mention of the fact this is in response to the residents’ requests for consultation.
    Furthermore, exactly how much “monies” are there in total, what percentage is going to East Lynn, and WHY is not not ALL of it going to East Lynn?

  2. Not surprised she back tracked. Considering the amount of bad press she’s been getting and the fact that it’s an election year, she needs to look as good as possible.

    This still doesn’t change my opinion that she needs to be voted out.

  3. Yes, it’s an election year. And Ms. Bussin is at least paying lip service to community consultation. Although my opinion of her hasn’t changed fundamentally: she is basically an autocrat within the ward and prefers to work by unilateral fiat.

    Congratulations to DECA and to Friends of East Lynn Park. You have done the Councillor a number of favours over recent years, and this is how she repaid you. My on-going concern would be, not only to keep her feet to the fire, but to pin down spending of the money before the election is done, after which she might be less attentive to our concerns.

    Although I do not understand the machinations of the legislative process at City Hall, or why this decision is suddenly being handed back to Council, the process is ripe for abuse.

    I also want to point out how shabby splash pads look after a few years. The plastic ages badly, the buttons malfunction and the nozzles get clogged. The sprayers at Centre Island are already in a state. It’s only a matter of time before a child trips over deteriorated rubber matting, and the city puts up yellow tape around the site. And then the park starts it’s decline once again into neglect and disrepair and drug-dealing, etc.

    The wading pool on the other hand has lasted, and will last, for decades with only the occasional coat of paint.

    I also don’t resent paying responsible, qualified kids a good wage to act as life guards. I am surprised by some of the comments by my neighbours about “union wages”. Pray one day that it’s your kid earning that wage. It may help see them through university as it once did me.

  4. I’m still having difficulty understanding why these other parks are benefiting from the funds which are being provided by the builder. The area that is being directly impacted by the building should receive the direct benefit of all of the money. I don’t think we are being greedy but the immediate area is badly in need of upgrading and $300,000 does not go very far these days. If Sandra Bussin is deciding who will get the funds then the optics are that it’s a slush fund for her use to buy votes in whatever parts of the ward she chooses. This also begs the question as to how vigilant has she been in representing the interests of the Danforth East community vis a vis this development when she is ultimately benefiting politically by being able to dole out these funds as she pleases.

  5. WHY is East Lynn NOT getting all the money?
    Because you are not the only parks in this neighbourhood that desperately need a facelift. That’s why.
    Also, because we are all taxpayers….
    Also, because sharing is what we teach our kids.
    Perhaps we should take a lesson from own advice!

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