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From Alison McMurray…

Thank you to everyone who signed our letter of support yesterday for the wading pool to stay in East Lynn Park.  Andrea and I were involved with the revitalization of the park and I still have the plans in my kitchen!  We are re-forming ELF  – East Lynn Park Foundation, to best decide how to spend this money as a community.  It may be years before we see the money and although $100K has been earmarked, we will see what we get.

If you did not sign the letter and would like to be involved, please email me at alisonmcmurray@rogers.com.

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Well it seems we will get this money sooner than later so I will post here and email everyone who gave me their info as to when and where we will have a meeting to set out the next phase of the park. (early Sept.)

    This is great news for the park, however, I am sorry for those that live close to the site and were hoping for it to be shorter. We can continue to be vigilant to ensure that the developer keep his promises in regards to trees, opaque glass on the balconies, parking improvements etc… so that residents can be as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.


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