Danforth East Arts Fair

September 18th and 19th make your way to East Lynn Park for DECA’s 2nd annual Danforth East Arts Fair. This is a high-quality fair with a range of arts and crafts to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.  Last year was great.  This year is bigger (with lots more arts vendors) and better (with yummy food on site so you can spend more time lingering).

But, we need a little bit of help to make it a success.  We need your help getting the word out and putting up posters. It’s a little thing, but it’s a BIG thing.  If you can help with a hour or so of your time, we would really really (really!) appreciate it.  Contact Mary at mary.vallis@gmail.com because she has printed versions that she can deliver to your door or she’s got a PDF that she can send you if you just want to print off a few and post them, say at your office or your school or your favourite cafe or your dog groomer or your in-laws’ house or your videotron or wherever you think two eyes might see it.

Also, why not put a link to the website on your facebook page or send your friends around the city an e-mail and let them know about this terrific arts fair that’s happening in your ‘hood?

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