#DECAF19 Wrap-Up!

That’s a wrap!

Thank you for coming out to the 11th Annual Danforth East Community Arts Fair … and what a fair it was! Rain or shine (and we had our share of both over the two-day event) the community spirit and amazing talent of our #DanforthEast neighbourhood was clear for all to see!

First and foremost we have to give a shout out to our volunteers! The fair, and DECA itself, would not be possible without the volunteers that bring it to life.  Volunteers are the heart and soul of all that DECA has accomplished over its 12-plus years, and remain vital to the continued growth and development of our community.

Look at this amazing organizing committee!

Amazing Humans, left to right: Melissa, Shawna, Betty, Nancy, Julie. Kneeling: Amanda. Not pictured: Taryn, Joanne, Betsy.

The goal of the Arts Fair has always been to animate our community, bringing everyone together to support local artists, restaurants, and businesses.  So our second super big thank you goes out to all of our local sponsors for helping us make that goal a reality – Trust Realty Group, our local DeSerres, Create Art Studio, Small Business People Inc.,& Melissa Peretti Imagination + Design.

And thirdly, to all our musicians who filled the air with sound – Pete Eastmure, Sidecar78, Ben D’Cunha and Bass player Artie Roth and Kristen Lindell, Shannon Butcher, Jeremy and Jenn, and Rick Miller & Friends – and all the local businesses that entertained the little ones – Fresh Paint Studio, Common Threads, Silly Goose Kids and DeSerres  – Thank You!

And last, but certainty not least, thank you to all the restaurants and food establishments that kept everyone going –  Celena’s Bakery,East of York, Taste the Tornado, Cumin Kitchen, Sweet Serendipity Bakeshop, and Mark’s Pizza, and The Pop Stand.

And now the awards.

First up, The Tracey Jacobs Best in Show Award

#DanforthEast lost a true community minded artist earlier this year when Tracey, who co-owned Silly Goose Kids with her partner Shamie, passed away after a long and difficult battle with breast cancer at the age of 51. As many in our community know, Tracey didn’t just co- own and operate the best toy store ever (!) she was a creative force who never stopped giving to our community. Tracey spent countless hours volunteering at the Arts Fair and our weekly Farmers’ Market, opened the doors of her store to help innumerable volunteer operations as a drop off location and, of course, always created the most magical and educational window displays that inspired a whole street to dream big. This year we were honoured to have Tracey’s partner Shamie help us present the inaugural Tracey Jacobs Best in Show award to Gotamago, a fabulous local shop that specializes in original watercolour and ink illustrations designed and printed in Toronto.

Shamie presenting The Tracey Jacobs Best in Show award to Gotamago.

Best New Artist Award
PottsieCo. and her beautiful Kimonos! A close contender for the People’s Choice award, this was this artisans first show! We feel like there will be many more to come!

Best in Fine Art Award
Dave Rheaume and his beautiful vintage urban scenes!

Dave Rheaume’s booth at #DECAF19

Best Artisan Award
Alexander Kastulin (Akart) and all his delicate and intricate work in the language of ceramics!

Alexander Kastuline accepting award from #DECAF19 lead organizer Shawna Cotton.

People’s Choice Award
Nathan Nunn and his amazing pencil/ink/acrylic /digital prints – the people love those cats! This award comes with a free both at next year’s Art Fair – congrats Nathan!

People’s Choice Award for Nathan in front of his art.

As always, DECA is always looking for  volunteers to help run our events and to bring to life new and exciting ideas! Membership in DECA is only $10 annually/family and helps us run events throughout the year. For any questions, email:info@deca.to.

Coming Soon:
Federal Election Candidates Meeting, Beaches-East York Riding: Date tbd – further details coming soon!
Public Board Meeting: Oct 22 @ The Workaround, 2080 Danforth Ave, from 7-9pm
Festival of Lights: Saturday, Nov 30 in East Lynn Park from 4-5pm

Reimagine the Laneway, #DEdreams video, ArtCave Shindig & More Art this Weekend!

Reimagining the Laneway–now even bigger & better!

Come out this Saturday, May 10, from 3-6 pm, to the back patio of TKOs (1600 Danforth) and be part of making the laneways and parking lot surrounding Coxwell station amazing spaces. As part of Art of the Danforth, DECA has teamed up with two great architects who specialize in optimizing public spaces, Michelle Senayah & Rotem Yaniv, to see what ideas the community can generate to make the laneway more beautiful and safer.

And now, thanks to Janet Davis, we’ve connected with the TTC and Toronto Green P Parking. Both organizations are sending representatives to the join in discussions. Even more exciting, Green P has this parking lot listed for upgrades within the next 1-3 years. They have launched a program called “Green P Plus” and are holding consultations like this one with communities across the city. Ours will be able to feed into this process! RSVP to our facebook event here.

photo 2
Max wants YOUR ideas for the Coxwell stn laneway!

More Ideas & Dreams-#DEdreams video & map

Speaking of sharing ideas for making our community even more vibrant and fun, we put together the video clips of your dreams at April’s Danforth East Dreams event. Have a look and see if you spot yourself, a friend or an idea you love. Our fabulous volunteer, Kim D., also mapped out all everyone’s ideas for the ‘hood here. Have a look at what we love now about Danforth East and our wish list and get inspired.

ArtCave Shindig

Our friends at the ArtCave have a free family event coming up in May: their first ever Shindig on May 23!
They are looking for submissions for a collaborative community art project, From Cave art to ArtCave , to be launched at the party.

Even More Fun Community-Art Happenings This Weekend

Art Battle: Remember that this Saturday night at Artisans at Work, 2071 Danforth, is Art Battle! Live painting, great tunes, drinks, an auction and you  help choose the winner!

Art of the Danforth: The closing weekend promises to be a non-stop fun-stravaganza. Some highlights include  our Reimagining the Laneway event; the 5 Minute Paint Fight onSaturday at 1 pm (sign up at noon); an interactive running race on Sunday from 12-4 pm and a pot-luck dinner in Felstead Park alley on Sunday from 5-7 pm.


Next DECA Board Meeting: Mar. 18

Have you been meaning to check out a DECA meeting to learn more about what’s going on in the ‘hood or find out how you can volunteer? Our March meeting will be a good one to come out to. We’ll be holding it on Tuesday, March 18 in the Art of Danforth‘s Community Hub space in the Linsmore Tavern. This is ground zero for AofD as they gear up for their May festival and they’ve graciously allowed us to check it out.

Send us an email to info(at)danfortheastcommunityassociation.com to let us know if you’d like to come and get the rest of the details.

Hope to see you there!

(Sorry for the confusion when we originally posted that the meeting is on Monday rather than Tuesday.  Thanks to our faithful readers for correcting us.)

All Things Art: DEAF & AOD

Art of the Danforth: Join the Team

Are you interested in participating in some way with the next Art of the Danforth (scheduled for May 2014)? If so, you’re invited to the following get together!

Thursday, April 18, 7:30-9 pm

Art of the Danforth 2014 Brainstorm 7:30 – 8:30 pm

East Danforth Creative Collective Annual General Meeting 8:30 – 9pm

At LucSculpture Studio & Schools

663 Greenwood (just steps north of Danforth)

For more information, or if you can’t make it, email: info@eastdanforthcreative.com

Danforth East Arts Fair: Call for Artists

It’s that time of year again. The Danforth East Arts Fair is accepting applications for the coming season. This years art fair will be held in East Lynn Park on September 14 & 15. Application deadlines are earlier this year in order to help us kick off a more vigorous marketing campaign, so please get your applications in for the early deadline of March 29, 2013 and pay a discounted application fee ($175). The final deadline for applications will be May 31, 2013 ($200).
Please visit us at deca-arts.ca for the 2013 exhibitor package and more about what you can expect this year.


Secret artist at work on our streets

This just in from one of our art-loving neighbours…

These colourful crocheted cozies are appearing all along Wolverleigh Blvd. near Earl Beatty school – on bike racks, poles and more. They’re beautiful, and as they multiply, they warm up the street and bring a smile to the faces of passerby. Whoever could be behind this wonderful art? Is it someone who learned about the art of “yarn bombing” through Amy Barnes during Art of the Danforth? Some of her students’ “bombs” still adorn poles on the Danforth. To whoever it is, we say thank you. Whatever the reason behind your guerilla crochet, we’re thankful for it and hope it continues.

Art Of The Danforth: The FINAL Weekend

Seriously, how fantastic is the Art of the Danforth?  How much of it have you taken in? Has there been something that has inspired you? Amazed you? Brought a smile to your face as you walked along the street? For me, it was walking home from East Lynn Park with my two little boys and stopping to type a message on a…typewriter!  My kids were incredulous at such a machine. We left the message, “I am six years old” tied to the tree. That six-year-old said the whole experience was ‘super awesome.’ Also, we really liked the electronic window pong  and watering can. And if you don’t know what that is, you should take a wander down the Danforth before this weekend is done.

There are only two more days of Art of the Danforth 2012!  Here’s what’s coming up on this final weekend:

Saturday June 9

12 noon – 2 pm: Junkestra workshop at the Coxwell Public Library, 1675 Danforth
1 & 4 pm: Art Amble. Meet at LucSculpture School & Studios, 663 Greenwood
1 pm – 2 pm: These are the people in your neighborhood. An incredible look at the neighborhood through the eyes of local kids.  Meet outside Woodbine TTC Station
1 pm: Tim Bovaconti (music) at 1275 Danforth
1 pm: VSVSVS Free School:  BeGinner Bar Flair @ 1238 Danforth
1:30 pm:  Hudu Rising Blues Band (music) at 1821 Danforth @ Roseheath
2 pm: Sol Express (dance) at Danforth/Coxwell Public Library 1675 Danforth
2:30 pm: Lisa Olafson (music) at Melanies Bistro, 1870 Danforth
2:30 pm:  VSVSVS Free School:  Danger Lighter  @ 1238 Danforth
3 pm:  Chris Hercules (spoken word, music) at 1275 Danforth
5 pm: VSVSVS Free School: How to Use the Internet for Internet Users + A Lesson in Chaos   @ 1238 Danforth
6:30 pm – 10 pm: Zone X Culminating Event at LucSculpture – 663 Greenwood Avenue
8 pm: Feast in the East #3 at Danny Greens, 1218 Danforth Ave
8:50 pm – 9:30 pm: Intersection performance by Adam Herst – corner of Glebemount & Danforth Aves
10 pm – midnight:  Breath of Light.  Special installation at LucSculpture School & Studios 663 Greenwood

Sunday June 10

1 pm: Danforth Bike Line. Meet at SW corner of Greenwood and Danforth (The Beer Store)
1 pm: Gold Medusa Living Statue at  Danforth/Coxwell Public Library 1675 Danforth
1 pm: Voces Poeticas: Music and Poetry in Motion at 1275 Danforth
1 pm: Art Amble. Meet at LucSculpture School & Studios, 663 Greenwood
1 pm: VSVSVS Free School: Stress:  How To Maintain and Make Sure It Is In Your Life @ 1238 Danforth
1:30 pm:  Hudu Rising Blues Band (music) at 1821 Danforth @ Roseheath
2:30 pm: Kristin Lindell (music) at Melanies Bistro, 1870 Danforth
2:30 pm: VSVSVS Free School: How to Dig a Hole @ 1238 Danforth
3 pm:  Brandon Pitts  (poetry) at 1275 Danforth
3 pm – 4 pm: Storytelling in front of  “Integration” at 2013 Danforth
4 pm: Art Amble. Meet at LucSculpture School & Studios, 663 Greenwood
5 pm:  VSVSVS Free School: How to Use Anything! @ 1238 Danforth
8:50 pm – 9:30 pm: Intersection performance by Adam Herst – corner of Glebemount & Danforth Aves

You can help us improve this event in future years by PLs what you think of Art of the Danforth – what did we do right?  What could we do better?  Please, tell us what you think via this handy online form!

From all of us at Art of the Danforth, thank you SO MUCH for your support!