What’s scarier – politicians or pumpkins?

Ward 32 Debate – Tuesday

The hottest ticket in town is brought to you by your friends at DECA.  Tuesday night at 7 p.m. be at the Kimbourne Park United Church at 200 Wolverleigh Blvd. (East of Coxwell, two blocks north of Danforth) for the last Ward 32  debate.  See all the jibs, jabs and jellyfish  – and see the debate too.  Hosted by the Globe and Mail’s Jeff Gray, it promises to be fun for all ages.  Pay attention to the parking signs o.k.?  O.k.

Halloween – Boo!

Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star


I hope you’ve started your planning for your Jack-O-Extravaganza because this year, there is more at stake than just kids passing by your pumpkin looking for candy.  This year, you’ve got to get your carved pumpkin over to East Lynn Park on November 1st for the DECA Pumpkin Parade.  We’re going to line the path with pumpkins, light them up and bask in the spoooooky glow.  The fabulous Heather Bean is putting the whole thing together and she could use a few extra hands that night.  Can you help?  Let me know.

It’s My Party – Halloween Store

It’s My Party – the party store further west on the Danforth has opened a temporary Halloween clearance shop at 2206 Danforth near the Honda dealership.  They’ve got costumes and decorations and sales galore.  Also, I’m guessing, lots of gore.

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