Pumpkin Parades!

Can you believe it, Halloween is almost here! The decorations are everywhere as the whole neighborhood gets into the spooky Halloween spirit. Even the jack-o-lanterns are now starting to make an appearance and hoping to outlast the squirrels’ attacks until after the big day. One of our favorite parts of Halloween is not the day of, but November 1 when jack-o-lanterns from around the ‘hood make their way to East Lynn park, or another park nearby, and we all light them up one last time and see the wonderful creations blinking together in the night.

Even better, when you are ready to go you can leave your pumpkins at the park and amazing volunteers will toss those babies in bins that the city provides, and the city will pick up in one swoop the next day. So bring your pumpkins and your candles and come join in the fun on November 1 starting at 6:30 pm with DECA at East Lynn Park!

Or if you can’t make it to East Lynn, try joining the Pumpkin Parades at East York Village (6:30pm), Dentonia Park (6:30pm), Gledhill Park (7:00pm), Stephenson Park (6:30pm), or Felstead Park (6:30pm). You can find a map of all the Pumpkin Parades in the city here.


Upcoming events in and around the ‘hood

The leaves are changing, the furnaces are on but that doesn’t mean that we need to stay home and hibernate. Here are some upcoming events and opportunities that should keep us out and about (even if we might need a coat).

Happy 100th Anniversary To Gledhill!

Did you or someone you know attend Gledhill Junior Public School? Do you live nearby and have always wondered what goes on in there? Do you have kids who might go to Gledhill someday and you want to check it out? No matter how you may be connect, the whole community is invited to come out and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Gledhill on Saturday, October 14th from 1-3pm.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Press

Press.books.coffee.vinyl is celebrating two years at 2442 Danforth Ave with a weekend-long party on Saturday and Sunday (Oct 14 & 15) with discounts, deals and live music! Follow their Facebook page for updates but as of right now, here is the rundown of what is planned:

25% off all new and used vinyl records, used book sale, $1 brewed coffee, $2 lattes and capps. Plus live music all through the weekend!

✨✨✨Press ALL-STARS✨✨✨


C a r m e n T o t h @ 1pm

S a m T a y l o r a n d t h e E a s t En d L o v e @ 3pm


B r i a n P a s s m o r e C r e e p e r I n d i e F o l k R o c k @ 12pm

L i a S c o t t @1pm

M i c h a e l V i l l a m o r @ 2pm

R e b e c c a M a d a m b a a n d t h e. M y s t e r y G u e s t s @ 3pm

M a r i a R a m i o s @4pm

Pumpkin Parade Postering

It’s the most magical time of the year – the annual DECA Pumpkin Parade at East Lynn Park! Can you help us get the word out about this wonderful event by putting up some posters around the neighbourhood? This is a great way to:

  • get some exercise
  • give you a guaranteed sense of accomplishment with minimal output
  • allow you to finally have some time to yourself
  • help out your trusty neighbourhood association, and
  • generally make you feel like you are a really good person – which you clearly are.

Here is a teeny tiny version of our poster to fill you with excitement about the event because it is always a truly magical evening!

Now that you are burning with desire to help, send an email to Amanda, our volunteer coordinator (who is also a volunteer, because we all are!) and she will get you started.

Spoiler alert: we will also need people on the night of November 1 to help toss the pumpkins into giant bins following the event, so if you want to do that, let Amanda know!

Little Robot Friends Coding Class

Did you know that there’s a little business called Little Robot Friends at 1832 Danforth? Well, now you know and just in time to register for their 4-week coding club for kids aged 9 and up. Details can be found here:


What are little robot friends?

They’re cute robot characters that inspire kids to get creative with technology. These robots are packed with smarts, sensors, and big personalities. You can program them to make expressions, sing songs, perform tricks, and play games. It’s all about learning to code in a fun and engaging way with friends!

About the coding club

They will help participants build their 21st-century skills with an introduction to visual coding using our LRF Blocks App. They’ll also learn fundamental coding concepts through tons of hands-on and collaborative activities. By the end of the course level up with real-world programming in Arduino (C & C++). Gain the core knowledge and skills to tackle independent coding projects with your Little Robot Friend!

Cost: $150 for four weeks on Saturday mornings from 10am-noon, beginning October 21st.

Police Station Consultations

Don’t forget about the consultation meeting being held Tuesday, October 17 (6:45 to to 9:15 p.m.) at SH Armstrong Community Centre, 56 Woodfield Rd about where to put the new police station. One of the three options is at Coxwell & Danforth! Here is our previous blog post for more information.

Second Annual Danforth East Short Film Festival – October 21

Buy tickets for $15 at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/danforth-east-short-film-festival-tickets-37461220519?aff=es2

Repair Cafe – November 4

It’s advanced notice but you may want to start setting aside things you want to bring in for this Free repair cafe!

Props to the Pumpkin Parade People

Once again the Pumpkin Parade’s Chief Organizing Officer, Heather Bean, deserves a huge DECA thank you for her role in coordinating the whole event this year.  She was the mastermind behind everything from permitting to promotion and from candles to clean up.  We are all very grateful for her to taking on this work!

Here is a special shout out from Heather to all those involved in making the night happen:

A big thank you to all the volunteers and city staff who helped us with the Pumpkin Parade on November 1. Tak Bui’s poster art was cheerfully spooky, and Jeff Kraemer was our postering champ. We’re grateful to Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon for helping with permitting and the local businesses who offered social media promos, as well.

Our pumpkin haulers were the stuff of pumpkin parade legend–done in half an hour; that team included Paul Haines, Mark Rullo, Elaine Biagi Turner, Chris Bond, Jevon Vandenberg and his father-in-law Mr. Vandermeer, Corinne McCabe, Stephen Wickens, Matt Bickerton, Judah Hetinger, and Andrew Duffy. Thanks to Tyran, our youngest volunteer. And extra thanks to Molly Donovan and Tanya Koivusalo for lighting pumpkins throughout the parade *and* staying on for cleanup.

And finally, I want to thank whoever brought those two beautiful big pumpkins at the west end of the walk to welcome everyone to the parade! They were admired all night long.

Here are a few pictures courtesy of Stephen Rabjohn.  Enjoy!

 Pumpkin_06 Pumpkin_08 Pumpkin_09 Pumpkin_00 Pumpkin_02 Pumpkin_03 Pumpkin_01 Pumpkin_10 Pumpkin_05 IMG_0432 Pumpkin_07

DECA’s 5th Annual Pumpkin Parade! Can you help?

This year is the fifth anniversary of DECA’s magical Pumpkin Parade in East Lynn Park – and it falls on a Saturday!  If the weather’s right, we could be in for a record-setting, spectacular display.

As always, we’re looking for volunteers to help. Extra cleanup help after the parade will be especially welcome this year….skip the gym and toss pumpkins instead!

  • Greeters –  During the parade, volunteers will help their neighbours place and light their pumpkins. We’ll need three or four of these volunteers.
  • Haulers –  After the parade, volunteers will load pumpkins into dumpster bins on site.  If you have a wagon or wheelbarrow (or bike trailer?), you’re like pumpkin-hauling gold. For this job, the more the merrier. (roughly 9-10 p.m.)
If you’re available to help out with this fun event, please contact Heather Bean by clicking here.


DECA’s 4th Annual Pumpkin Parade @ East Lynn Park

Your official invitation to DECA’s 4th Annual Pumpkin Parade!

This is the most magical night of the year.  The entire park lights up with the creative talent and community spirit that defines this wonderful neighbourhood.

Bring your jack-o-lantern, a candle,  your favourite people/pets,  your good camera and some mittens.  (A thermos full of of hot chocolate too!)

Enchantment guaranteed.


PS – You don’t actually need to bring a pumpkin!

PPS – Thanks again to Councillor McMahon (Ward 32) for sponsoring this event.

If you missed our Halloween post, click here to read about some neighbourhood activities on the big day.  Note that face painting at Artisans at Work is now from 2:30-5:00.

Boo! Halloween is coming…

Your Danforth East Halloween Agenda

Does Halloween ever get old?  Dogs, kids and a pumpkin walk for everyone – our neighbourhood has it all.  Here is the info in no particular order:

DECA’S 4th Annual PUMPKIN PARADE in East Lynn Park
November 1, 2013, 6:30-9:00pm

The poster is forthcoming, but mark your calendars that the Pumpkin Parade is ON!   We are so grateful that Councillor McMahon is sponsoring the event this year.  With the new, wider path in the park, it is sure to be the best-ever most magical night in the park!

Howl-O-Ween Festival
October 27, 2013 1:00-3:00pm
Merrill Park Dog Association

For more info, visit: http://merrilldogpark.wordpress.com/MPDA_Oct_15_2013 Poster

Halloween Face Paint Party with Happy Faces
October 31, 2013 2:30-5:30pm (updated time)
2071 Danforth Avenue (Artisans at Work)

Missing your Thursday market face paint this Halloween?  You’re in luck — Happy Faces Face Paint will be hosting a Halloween Face Paint Party at Artisans at Work on Halloween.
For only $5 per face, they promise to: “add the finishing touches to your little monster/princess/monsterprincess’s costume with face paint, sparkles and hairdos.”
You can book in advance by emailing your name, phone number and preferred times to thosehappyfaces@gmail.com, or just drop by!


ArtCave Halloween Events
October 25th & October 31st
155 Lamb Ave, just south of Danforth Avenue

Come and visit ArtCave, a new, local art studio business!
For more info: www.art-cave.ca