Pumpkin Parades!

Can you believe it, Halloween is almost here! The decorations are everywhere as the whole neighborhood gets into the spooky Halloween spirit. Even the jack-o-lanterns are now starting to make an appearance and hoping to outlast the squirrels’ attacks until after the big day. One of our favorite parts of Halloween is not the day of, but November 1 when jack-o-lanterns from around the ‘hood make their way to East Lynn park, or another park nearby, and we all light them up one last time and see the wonderful creations blinking together in the night.

Even better, when you are ready to go you can leave your pumpkins at the park and amazing volunteers will toss those babies in bins that the city provides, and the city will pick up in one swoop the next day. So bring your pumpkins and your candles and come join in the fun on November 1 starting at 6:30 pm with DECA at East Lynn Park!

Or if you can’t make it to East Lynn, try joining the Pumpkin Parades at East York Village (6:30pm), Dentonia Park (6:30pm), Gledhill Park (7:00pm), Stephenson Park (6:30pm), or Felstead Park (6:30pm). You can find a map of all the Pumpkin Parades in the city here.


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