What’s In What’s Out

It’s spring and there are a whole lot of new things popping up on the Danforth.  Yes there is this place called ‘Retro Burger‘ beside Shopper’s Drug Mart near Coxwell.  Its menu of deep fried food includes Mars Bars.  No I’m not kidding.  Then there is the ‘Circus Coffee House’ beside Carter’s Ice Cream on Woodmount at Danforth.  Rumour is it’s owned by this guy, but I haven’t verified that with three sources.

Speaking of coffee shops, you read here that the owner of True Brew coffee shop and cafe had sold the business.  The new owner has painted and done some work inside to brighten it up.  Susan L. (not the former owner) wrote to tell me that “people are not making the effort to cross Woodbine and discover this gem in our neighborhood!!!!  Great coffee, all homemade soups, sandwiches, quiche, and desserts!!!!!! Absolutely fabulous food. Please advertise this place so the owner does not have to close down due to poor attendance!”

Up for lease is the former Ethiopian community centre at Danforth and Woodbine.  Cuts by the federal government last year have meant this agency is consolidating its services in one location in the west end.  Columbo’s Pizza is under new ownership. Columbo’s serves pizza, pastas, sandwiches and the much-loved rice balls.  The new owner, Charlie, tells me he has done some work to open up the kitchen and fix up the front of the restaurant (a new paint job etc).  He also told me he is renovating the basement and will be making it available for parties – including make-your-own-pizza birthday parties!

Treasure Land used furniture has opened at 2038 Danforth. They are selling gently used home and office furniture and offer free pick up and free delivery and a seniors discount.  The owner of the business did quite a bit of work on the shop – which had been a crumbling eyesore – painting and generally fixing up the shop.  He makes an effort to make his front window look inviting and that earns praise from deca diaries.

O.k. I know I’m forgetting some things.  Post your updates on the Danforth here or send me a note and let me know the latest happenings on the Danforth.

DECA Safety and Self Defense

Early in April, more than a dozen people participated in the self defence class at the DragonZ Martial Artz Centre – hosted by DECA’s safety team.  Sir Marvin Prashad spent two hours teaching safety and self-protection techniques.  Not only was the class educational it also provided a fitness component in a fun and enjoyable environment.  The event was such a success that Marvin wants to make this a reoccurring event by offering self-defence classes every first Sunday of the month for all to attend.  For more information visit www.dragonz.ca

DECA Executive Meetings

If you’re interested in attending a DECA executive meeting (and you should, we eat and drink and are merry!) mark these dates on your fridge.  We meet at 7:30 p.m. in the back room of Sarah’s pub on the Danforth.

  • May 31
  • September 13
  • October 25

But if you just want to be a fly on the wall, check out the minutes from the last meeting on our shiny new website! 

Earl Beatty Fun Fair

This year the 7th annual Earl Beatty Public School Fun fair will be held on Saturday, May 28th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at 55 Woodington Avenue (two blocks north of Danforth, east of Coxwell).  In partnership with the Earl Beatty Community Centre, this event provides a day of family fun including a ball hockey tournament, inflatable games, face painting, auctions, raffles, a barbeque, bake sale and some live entertainment.

Coleridge Ave. Break-Ins

Kathy sent me a note to let me know about some break-ins happening on her street, which is one block east of Woodbine.

“Early Monday morning (9:00) I discovered that someone had riffled through our car. We immediately assumed that we’d forgotten to lock it the night before. As near neighbours emerged from their homes, they, too, discovered that someone had been through their cars. It would appear that we all did not forget to lock our cars, but rather that someone using a slim jim got in, and was even able to by-pass a car alarm. Fortunately there was no damage, nothing of value seems to have been stolen (except a pack of smokes that were smoked whilst breaking into the other cars). We did, though, discover that a few items like sunglasses and a hand tool ended up being left in other people’s cars, and we believe all was recovered. Reminder to all: do not leave valuables in your car/trunk regardless of how secure it appears to be!  My husband did notify the police and advised that many vehicles had been broken into, though I don’t believe that any other neighbours did contact them. Other than knowing what occurred at our end of the block, we don’t know how many others might have been affected. We do know that six cars were accessed.”

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  1. Sadly, it looks like Nutrilicious at Woodbine and Lumsden has closed down. I had a feeling that might happen considering the location and his price points.

  2. I live on King Edward (3 streets east of Woodbine) and also experienced someone going into our car and strewing all the stuff in the console and glove box. I don’t keep any valuables in the car anyhow so they didn’t get anything at all that I can tell. Not even a Tim Horton’s gift card. I’m pretty sure we left the car unlocked that night though. Still sucks that someone is actively checking out easy pickings on our hood. I’ve advised my neighbours.

  3. Does anyone know for any job opportunities in the area? Are any businesses that you own or know of looking for a student to work over the summer?

    If you hear of anything please let me know :)

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