Meet our newest Board members – part 2/3

Many of you will already know Gay Stephenson, who joined our Board this summer. She has been working on the pop-up shop project for several years and is a passionate advocate for this neighbourhood. Gay personifies positive energy and she is as kind as she is dedicated and hardworking. We’re so grateful that she’s joined the DECA Board. 

Here is Gay in her own words:

I moved to Danforth East with my partner Scott seven years ago. We’d become empty nesters and we were looking for a new project. We looked at property all over the city but no where seemed like “home”. One day we found a run down, empty six-plex a block from Danforth East. It was filthy and old but we fell in love at first sight. We made an offer the next day and moved in a few months later. That project was a big adventure for us and we now live on Strathmore.

One thing people don’t know about me is….

I’m attracted to sports that involve speed. At 39, I signed up for a snowboarding instructor course. Instructors don’t make much but they ride for free. I taught snowboarding on the weekends at Mount St. Louis for a few years. I got a kick out of being the oldest instructor! Just to be clear, I don’t do pipes, jumps or rails but I love flying down the hills. Now I’m in my fifties and my passion is windsurfing. I take lessons at the Toronto Windsurfing Club beside Cherry Beach. 

What I love most about living in Danforth East….

The people. I feel a tremendous positive energy here; people tend to be kind and generous with their time. I feel very lucky to be part of this thoughtful, caring and innovative community.

My local pet peeve is...

Graffiti on buildings, doors and fences. I’m hoping we can paint some more murals in our laneways!

My favourite local place that you probably haven’t heard of is…

The Tiki Bar. Those of you who have been know what I’m talking about! While it may just be the coolest place on Danforth East, you’ll still feel welcome and relaxed the moment you step in. The Shore Leave is owned by Zach and Julian, two bartenders from the Only Cafe who came to Danforth East to open their own special place. The craft beers on tap are delicious, and their cocktails are created from scratch using their own juices, recipes and caramelized ginger. They also have scrumptious cheese trays. Check out their FB page to see what’s happening next. These guys cook up some incredible meals for special events.

I joined the DECA board to…

Lend a hand with DECA’s amazing community efforts. Now that the pop-up shop project is over, I’m looking forward to helping out in new ways. 

My final word is…

If you are new to the ‘hood, welcome! By getting involved with DECA, I’ve met so many lovely people. I highly recommend the experience of volunteering as a way to feel connected and part of our community. If you can manage a couple of hours anytime over the next year, it’s easy to sign-up with DECA online. From time to time, you’ll receive a message from Amanda Olson our volunteer coordinator looking for help. You only need respond when an opportunity interests you. There’s never any pressure! Whether you’ve just moved in or have lived here for ages, it’s a great way to feel part Danforth East. If you live in our catchment area consider officially joining us, family memberships are $10 per/year and you’ll never make a better investment!

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