What’s happening in #DanforthEast

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Candidates Debate

On Tuesday, DECA hosted another successful candidates debate and it was exciting to see how well-attended it was. A big thank you to volunteer organizer, Sheri Hebdon, and to the team who put up posters, kept time, greeted people, and generally who make the debate happen. DECA is very proud to undertake this effort to help our #DanforthEast community be informed about voting options!

Candidates take questions from Moderator David Rider, Oct 15/19

Thank you to David Rider from the Toronto Star for moderating and to Hope United Church for hosting us and of course, thank you to the candidates who attended – Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Liberal), Mae J. Nam (NDP), and Sean Manners (Green).

A reminder that the Federal election is this coming Monday, October 21 so don’t forget to vote.

Events this Weekend



Silly Goose Kids is hosting a book reading and signing with author James A. Conan and illustrator Nicolle Lalonde from 10am-noon and, after the reading, kids can help construct a mini-neighbourhood out of empty boxes, and paper towel rolls! If you have any empty cereal boxes please bring along!


Healing Collective (2005 Danforth) is hosting a Community Care Day this Saturday, October 19 from 1-4pm to celebrate their first anniversary and say thank you for the support of the community. Stop by and learn about their collective offerings, meet practitioners and learn some strategies to improve mental health and awareness. Visit their website for full list of activities.

Upcoming DECA Events

DECA Public Board Meeting (Tuesday)

Next Tuesday, October 22 from 7-9pm we are hosting a Public Board Meeting at the Workaround (2080 Danforth Ave) and would be thrilled to meet you there.  Our secret plan is to woo you in with how fun and full of energy we are, and in return, maybe you’ll decide to volunteer with us or bring your idea to the table? See? Win-win. Voting isn’t the only way to make a difference – we can tell you for sure that contributing to the community in a positive way can really soothe the worries of the world and give us a sense that we are doing something.

Seriously though, there is no pressure to do anything – we are just happy to meet you and for you to learn more about our 100% volunteer-run efforts.

Get in touch with us through our social media or by email for more info, but it’s also ok to surprise us on Tuesday.

10th Annual DECA Pumpkin Parade – East Lynn Park (Nov 1)

Reminder! Our 10th Annual Pumpkin Parade is happening in East Lynn Park on Nov 1st from 6-8pm. And we will offer free Coffee or Apple Cider sponsored by Gervais Rentals (owned by #DanforthEast residents!). Please bring a reusable mug or cup to partake!

Fresh Paint Art Slam (Nov 1 – 7pm)

This is just the coolest event, and we are so stoked that the proceeds will support the 2020 DECA Young Leader Scholarship Fund. Here’s the info:

On Friday, November 1 from 7-10pm, eight artists will enter into a live art competition and create their artistic pieces for an enthusiastic crowd of art lovers. The theme for the evening is ‘Speak Truth to Power’.

Artists will have one hour to create their pieces live and go from blank canvas to creative masterpieces.

When the hour is up and the brushes hit the floor, the audience will vote for their top two art creations. The top prize winners will receive a $100 gift card from Deserres and $50 gift card from Fresh Paint Studio.

The artwork that is created will also be auctioned off! Muskoka Brewery to provide the beer! The evening will also feature the musical vibes of DJ Marlove.

Find out more about the Art Slam here  or check out the Facebook event.


Ward 19 Candidates for City Councillor



Hello Neighbours,

With all of the back and forth about the upcoming municipal election and with all of the other amazing events we have on the go, DECA was unable to undertake to organize a candidates’ debate for the election.

We have submitted a set of questions to each of the Ward 19 City Councillor candidates with an email address posted on the City of Toronto elections website, and in the coming weeks we will post the Q&As for each candidate who responds, in order of receipt.

Stay tuned!

The DECA Board



DECA Board meeting on Tuesday

The DECA Board is meeting this Tuesday August 21st from 7:30-9:30pm at Red Rocket Coffee, 1364 Danforth Avenue.

Why come to a meeting? Lots of reasons! Perhaps you’d like to get involved. Perhaps you want to hear more about us and what we do, and find out about some cool events. Or perhaps you’d like to meet some neighbours. Whatever your reason, we look forward to meeting you!

7:15pm Meet and Greet
Come a bit early if you’d like to chat with us one on one. A few Board members will be at Red Rocket Coffee before the meeting starts from 7:15 -7:30pm, to meet and greet with anyone who would like to come out.

Many thanks to Billy, owner of Red Rocket Coffee, for staying open late to host our meeting. Please email us if you have questions: info@deca.to.

Why we care about proposed changes to Toronto City Council

…and why you should care too!

Posted on behalf of the DECA Board

DECA’s mission and guiding principles drive our way forward, and we are non-partisan, but we are also committed to being “a responsive, credible and representative voice for the community.”

Earlier this week, the provincial government tabled a Bill called The Better Local Government Act to dramatically reduce the size of City Council in the midst of our ongoing election, which began on May 1st. The Bill passed first reading on July 30, and could be imposed on the citizens of Toronto as early as August 2018. This is particularly unsettling because our City had legally established the number of councillors/wards through due process and extensive consultations.

As a Board, we find ourselves in a moment where we must respond.

DECA believes that the decision to unilaterally reduce Toronto City Council from 47 Wards to 25 is undemocratic.

We have observed that our City Councillors already work well beyond a normal work-week. We are concerned that doubling their workload would significantly limit their ability to continue to be effective partners in community-building. This will change the extent to which Councillors can proactively reach out to us on emerging issues and their ability to be responsive when we raise an issue or concern.

The proposed new Ward boundaries will negatively impact our community.

Here’s why.

City Councillors are involved in decisions that will forever impact our neighbourhood, such as development, transit, parks, and infrastructure. Other decisions are less permanent but have a high impact such as property taxes, childcare, bike lanes and speed limits.

Currently, DECA’s excellent two-way relationship and collaboration with our City Councillors greatly contributes to our ability to support and improve the community.

Here are some examples:

  • help with permits for community events, such as the tree lighting and pumpkin walks in East Lynn Park;
  • our go-to whenever something goes wrong like a wading pool not being on or that time the City fenced off the East Lynn Park playground and dug up the greenspace to install paths;
  • when we raised with Councillors that the traffic lights at Woodbine and Danforth was changing too quickly for many people to safely get across, within a week the timing had been extended;
  • sought out DECA input and acted on our concerns about the planned the second exit (Strathmore) at Woodbine station to change the plan to make it also an entrance; and
  • include DECA in early consultations on development proposals, which in at least one case, resulted in huge changes to the building design to incorporate street-level retail to help make the Danforth more walkable and safe.

It will be impossible for only 25 City Councillors to maintain the current level of collaboration and cooperation with the community. 

Councillors have huge agendas and a full range of issues to learn about. They also need to understand the impacts on our community and bring those forward. For example, how could one person understand the community impacts on every single issue in a way that would adequately represent the Beach, Danforth East, Woodbine Heights, Parkview Hills, and Crescentown?

Federal/provincial ridings are suitable because MPs/MPPs work is driven by their parties and/or portfolios and they deal with bigger picture issues not specific to one neighbourhood, park, household, or person. These are not reasonable boundaries for City representation.

We’ve just scratched the surface here and we will write more about this in the coming days and weeks. But if there ever was a moment to be engaged and speak out, now is the time!

We will be at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market on Thursday, August 2 to discuss this with the community. Come chat with us and tell us what you think!

DECA Board meeting tonight

The DECA Board is meeting tonight, Monday May 28 from 7:40-9:30pm at The Nooks Studio, 1912 Danforth Avenue.

Why come to a meeting? Lots of reasons! Perhaps you’d like to get involved. Perhaps you want to hear more about us and what we do. Perhaps you’d like to meet some neighbours. Whatever your reason, we look forward to meeting you!

7:15pm Meet and Greet
If you want to know more about us but the thought of coming to a meeting fills you with dread, or if you prefer to chat one on one, a few Board members will be at the Nooks Studio before the meeting starts from 7:15 -7:40pm, to meet and greet with anyone who wants to come out.

If you live nearby and can bring a folding chair, please do. The Nooks Studio has a limited number of seats. We’re grateful to owner Colleen Imrie for kindly offering us the Studio space for DECA’s Board meeting. We’ll serve some light refreshments and everyone is welcome to attend. Please email us if you have questions: info@deca.to.

Pick up a #DanforthEast Yard Sale Poster
Yard Sale Posters will be available for pick-up! Please take one home to advertise the Danforth East Yard Sale on your street.

A new year, a new Board


Happy New Year!

At our recent Annual General Meeting, the DECA membership elected a stellar Board for 2018:
Gay Stephenson & Loreen Barbour (Co-Chairs)
Audrey Kvedaras (Vice Chair)
Anita Schretlen (Treasurer)
Nicole Bergot-Browning (Secretary)
Alison McMurray
Jennifer Scott
Amanda Olsen
Melissa Peretti
Rebecca Green
Brad Bradford
Lorraine Cheng

Here is a message from incoming co-Chairs Gay & Loreen:
One of the many things to love when you get involved in our neighbourhood is that it makes the world feel like a brighter place. Gathering with neighbours to work on local happenings or projects has a way of harnessing good energy and comes with the benefit of getting to know more of the people who live across the street, around the corner, or down the block.

In the coming year, DECA would like to build even more opportunities for us to connect with one another. We’d like to meet you! We’re will be continuing to host “meet and greets” before Board meetings, building on this initiative from the past couple of years. Half an hour before the meeting begins, come chat with us! Watch this blog and Facebook for meet and greet dates and times for the new year. (Hopefully you are reading this because you are a blog subscriber!) Better yet,  if you haven’t already, join DECA as a member. It’s only $10 per/family per year and you can do it online here.

Did you know that everything DECA does began as someone’s idea? From vision to reality with the support, energy and dedication of many others! Initiatives like the Farmers’ Market, the Danforth East Arts Fair, Pumpkin Parade, Festival of Lights, DECA Pride, Visioning Committee, DECA Connects, Business Revitalization Team, Pop-up Shops, Laneway Crawl and more- they all started as an idea in someone’s head.

So as we go forward into 2018, we look forward to meeting with you, sharing time and inspiration. Perhaps you, or one of your neighbours have the next big (or small) idea for our neighbourhood? We want to hear them all so let’s get to know one another in the new year! And don’t forget to let us know if you’re hosting an event in the ‘hood and we’ll help spread the word. We are entirely volunteer run so the easiest way to alert us is by tagging us on social media.