Danforth Gems – Summer Sugar

News on the street to brighten your Monday.  If you’re at work this week instead of being on holiday, then you deserve some lovin’…be it a fantastic outdoor massage or a yummy bakery treat.  And if you’re having a staycation like me, then these things are an absolute must.

Above is a picture of Sugar Moon’s new outdoor massage table.  Enjoy a massage with Michelle inside or out!

And speaking of a wonderful way to treat yourself, the new Patisserie la Cigogne at Monarch Park and Danforth is delightful (photo below right) and a great addition to that stretch of the Danforth along with Three’s Company Two!   Further east, there is Cake Town, Celena’s, True Brew and Cozy Cafe and Bakery. (P.S. The sisters at Cozy Cafe are switching their menu up a bit, after closing for a few days, they will re-open in mid-August with more lunch type foods including sandwiches, crepes etc.  The ingredients will be almost all organic including a lot of gluten-free options.  The flour is local and organic as well.)

And then, of course, there are the ice cream options.  From Carter’s (She’s now making lovely ice cream cakes, photo left – and selling hot dogs too) to Seb’s and Quattro, there are a lot of good places to stroll to for a cool bit of scream.

Finally – pssssssssst….Where else do you get the scoop before anybody else so you can totally sound like you are in the know about what’s happening in your ‘hood?  Right here, my friend, right here.

Watch 2054 Danforth (beside DeSerres at Woodbine and Danforth) for Silly Goose Kids – a baby, toys and kids store.  The new owners have a combined 30 years experience in the toy business.  We look forward to welcoming those silly gooses with open arms and open wallets.

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