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The newest Danforth East fitness studio – Bomb Wellness – was recently featured in the Toronto Star. Here’s DECA’s very own Sarah Kiriliuk’s take on the newest business on the strip.

Running, spinning, weights….tired of the same old, same old workout? Get ready to breath some life into your fitness routine. Bomb Wellness,  at 1338 Danforth, is the new girl in town when it comes to getting healthy and she is no one-trick-pony. On my first visit to the space, I was giggling with delight at all the new calorie-burnin’ opportunities that owners Kevin and Victoria have on the schedule.

At first glance, visitors will notice a strange contraption with ropes and pulleys in the middle of the studio. Although it looks a bit intimidating if you’re not an olympian, don’t be afraid. It’s called the TRX system and it’s a revolutionary way to get that lean and lovely A-lister look by using a system of ropes and webbing to work against your own body weight.

At the back of the studio, what looks like stationary bikes from a distance are actually machines called Striders – a low impact workout similar to elliptical machines, but way cooler. Owner Victoria will take you through your paces during the three-to-four weekly classes and she means business! Your legs will feel like jelly afterwards.

The workout floor space provides enough room for the high-energy Zumba classes, or another innovation called the Slosh Pipe which is exactly as it sounds: a pipe filled with water that sloshes around and helps you with balance and stabilization. With a background in mixed martial arts, co-owner Kevin also offers classes called Fighting Fit, as well as some standard yoga and Pilates classes.

The best part about this studio is that it’s not a mega-corporation that is not invested in your personal fitness. The studio has a neighbourhood feel to it, and the owners care about each of their customers (such as shushing a fussy babe while one new mother rocks the Zumba beat).

We talk a lot about shopping local – but if you want to work off that cookie from the bakery, this is the local place to invest in your own personal wellness.

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