A Grand Thanks – Danforth East Arts Fair


It goes without saying that the third annual Danforth East Arts Fair was a hit. Even Mother Nature cooperated by holding off on the rain so 50 artisans, musicians and food vendors could take over East Lynn Park for a wonderful community event.

It also goes without saying that these events don’t just come together by themselves. A core group of volunteers worked for nine months to bring it all together — and many, many more helped out in the days leading up to and during the fair. Thank-yous are in order. And so, without further adieu, we say thank you to the following amazing people:

For the past three years Mary Vallis has led this amazing initiative from concept to creation. She’s endured every headache and she deserves much of the glory.  But she most certainly did not do it alone.  A core group of people have been planning this event for a year including: Melanie Ramsay, Julie Glick, Fernand Ciraco, Heather Bell Denison and Honey Dacanay.

Postering: Mike Riley

Web support: Lesley Westheuser

Stunning graphic design (posters and ads): Marie Rampino and Andrea Crofts

Weekend volunteers: The aforementioned, along with Sheri Hebdon, Cindy Rozeboom, Paul the New Guy, Catherine Porter, Jessica Schmiedchen,  Lorraine Cheng, Anita Schretien, Eric Denison, Alison McMurray and more.

Countless more people also helped out — some of whom asked to remain anonymous, and others who we have likely inadvertently forgotten. Even so, we thank you too, and ask for apologies if we’ve made an oversight.

Next up, our sponsors: A huge thanks goes out to our media sponsor, Toronto Community News, as well as  De Serres, Toronto Hydro, Starbucks and the new Danforth toy store Silly Goose Kids, who provided free arts and crafts activities for children during the fair.

Most importantly, we’d like to thank each and every person who turned out to support the arts. You’re the reason there is an arts fair — you asked for  it, so we created it. Stay tuned for an even bigger and better show next September.

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