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First off, I’m sorry to report that the restaurant  Ten Feet Tall has closed its doors, for good, apparently.  Personal reasons.  That’s all I know. Unfortunate because it was a great spot for music and they were very committed to the neighbourhood – oh and the sweet potatoes fries were amazing.

Walking east along the Danforth, there is a new little interior design and home decor shop two doors north of Danforth on the west side of Coxwell.  It’s in the spot where Do Bamboo used to be.

As you walk by Shoppers Drug Mart, you might like to know that Canada Post is set to open an outlet in the Shoppers Drug Mart at Coxwell and Danforth.  November 8th!  Thanks to our on-the-street-reporter, Susan, for that bit of news.

Keep walking east along the Danforth and right beside Carter’s Ice Cream is a new cafe called Circus Coffee. Street reporters, Susan tells me that it is very cool and that Ron, the owner, is an interesting guy with interesting food and drinks!  He also owns Circus Books – a lovely used book store at Danforth and Jones.

Keep walking on the north side of the Danforth until you hit Silly Goose Kids, the fabulous new toy store beside the De Serres art store at Woodbine.  Silly Goose is selling beautiful toys, books and baby gear. There is a train table in the back and there will soon be mummy/daddy and baby activities as well.  Owners, Shamie and Tracy are friendly and helpful and so incredibly delighted to be in the neighbourhood.

Last stop, just past Woodbine is True Brew Cafe. It was written up with rave reviews in the Toronto Star today.

Don’t forget our Harvest Festival on Thursday, featuring the delectable dishes of Food Network host and Chef, Lynn Crawford. Lynn will be at the market from 3-7 p.m. with food and wine. Come one, come all.

One last thing!  We really need some donations to help pay for painting the wading pool.  For every $5 you donate on Thursday night to the pool fund, your name will be entered to win $50 market bucks!

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  1. This is a comment about the new post office location. Just as some of us in the neighbourhood suspected! I went to a meeting that Jack Layton called on a Sunday afternoon months ago to find out why the Double D convenience store post office was being closed – just west of Coxwell on north side of Danforth. One of the facts we found out from convenience store owners was that they were being charged exorbitant prices they couldn’t afford – to do the required upgrades Canada Post demanded. We also talked about so many post offices ending up in Shoppers stores and wondered if there was a secret deal. We never found out but here it is in our neigbourhood. I think it is a shame that the big corporate businesses get to shut out the little stores. There was nothing wrong with the Double D. I frequented it especially at Christmas and saw lots of people, some immigrant people sending gifts home. Oh well!

  2. Just to add to your list – there’s a new coffee shop on Gerrard just west of Woodbine on the south side called Bundt. Very cool interior, great coffee. I didn’t have any of the treats but they are serving muffins, cookies, etc. Free wi-fi too …


  3. We visited the new coffee shop on Gerrard (just west of Woodbine) – it’s actually called “Bandit” and it is really great! What a great addition to that strip!

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