What To Get For Your Favourite Community Blogger?

It can be difficult.  What is the right gift for the woman who sends you news you can use in your own neighbourhood?  A woman who toils away in front of her computer night after night just so you can be the first to know what’s happening and where?  Wink wink.

Tak Bui decided to send me this fabulous electronic christmas card.  And I thought I would share it with you….gracious gal that I am.

Of course, you can never go wrong with jewellery.  Fine Silver Girl is hosting another open house from 3 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at 48 Woodington this Saturday.  Fine Silver Girl, aka Heather, also offers various classes including a adult and child classes.  Check out her calendar.

You may also want to check out Karen Franzen and friends.  They’re selling artwork, jewellery, quilts, functional ceramics and tiles, home-baked cookies at 3 Wembley Drive, 2 blocks east of Coxwell and upper Gerrard St.  Karen will also be offering 7 week pottery classes and tile painting workshops in her studio beginning in January.

(Note for people buying presents for women – especially men who aren’t always that adept at choosing the pefect gift – a pottery class is a really really good present.) Why?  Because not only do many of us ladies harbour secret fantasies about making pottery, it is also a little bit of that glorious ‘me time’ that we so crave but have trouble carving out for ourselves.  Take it from me and put this one in the stocking.

Speaking of pottery, on January 1st, 2011, LucScultpure will celebrate four years at its location at 663 Greenwood.  Luc is committed to this community and to the arts, locally and beyond and if you’ve never wandered into the building just steps north of the Danforth on Greenwood, now is the perfect time.  There are arts items for sale from $2 – $200 available until Jan. 2nd.  Gift certificates (for pottery classes and other things) are available.  But Luc also throws some pretty cool parties there.  From Jam sessions (Friday, Dec. 17th $5) to the ‘Lost Soul Party’ on New Year’s Eve ($10!).  It’s a warm, welcoming environment to wander into.

Other local gifts that might tempt you? I’ve just bought a lovely gift bag of delectable foodie goodies at Royal Beef.  I’d like to keep it for myself, but I won’t.  Also, Cozy Cafe has the most delightful meringue cream chocolate ‘trees’ and I will certainly be giving those as a gift in the near future.  If you have other ideas, post them here.

Carmelina Condominiums

Perhaps you feel that any of the things I’ve mentioned just aren’t significant enough to fully convey to your favourite blogger how much you appreciate her?  You would like to get her something really special…something big?  Maybe a condo would be what you’re looking for?  The big hole at Danforth and  Coxwell now boasts a big blue fence and a big sign advertising Carmelina Condominiums.  But really, you shouldn’t have.

Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Association

On December 8th, the BIA held its Annual General Meeting and elected it’s new board members.  They are ‘nominees’ until approved by community council in January.

Aurelio Acquaviva
Maria Acquaviva
Tanveer Arif
Peter Dekoulos
Jordan Ison
Banchi Kindie
Mehmet Korkmaz
Carmelo Lorefice
Enza Lorefice
Litsa Kostouros
Jason Manos
Pat Silver
Victor Singh
Nick Sissakis
Yared Tibebu
Asres Yirga

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  1. Thanks for the good suggestions. I also plan to pick up a few long and short-sleeve T-shirts from Do Bamboo on Coxwell, just north of Danforth. Excellent quality and SO soft. They also have lovely scarves.

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