Pumpkin Parades!

On November 1st, beautiful jack-o-lanterns will light up parks around the neighbourhood thanks to many volunteers who put them together. (And in some cases with help from City Councillors – thanks to Councillor McMahon for her support of ours.)

DECA’s Pumpkin Parade will be at East Lynn Park again, but we’ve also included a few others below so that you can take your pumpkin to the closest magical event. 

Happy Halloween and see you on November 1st starting at 6:30pm (Note that in most cases, it’s helpful if you bring your own candle)

East Lynn Park (DECA’s!) 


Gledhill Park


Dentonia Park


Felstead Park

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  1. Hello,

    The east Lynn parade is awesome. Thanks for organizing. It is so busy I wonder if next year the pumpkins could be turned outward from the sidewalk and path to relieve crowding (ie facing into the park) Especially on sidewalk on east Lynn as people are spilling on the dark street. Also maybe the pumpkins could be distributed in areas in the park (ie galleries).

    Anyway thanks again.

  2. Please let DECA know if you’re available to volunteer next year. Having more volunteers help to place the pumpkins would enable more logical placement. Such a great event regardless!

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