Not So Happy Days at Happy Day’s

Strolling home from the market, I happened upon half-a-dozen-or-so-people handcuffed and lying on the sidewalk in front of Happy Day’s [sic] Restaurant & Bar (approx 1802 Danforth).  The Toronto Police TAVIS unit was onsite as were a large number of police in full gear.

If TAVIS is working in our neighbourhood, we’d love to hear more about what’s happening.



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  1. This conerns me. 5 people handcuffed last evening outside 1802 Danforth. Then People die after fire overnight, 5 minutes walk away at 141 Bastedo Ave?

  2. That place has always been looked pretty seedy. There are a number of somewhat down at heal looking Restaurant & Bar places between Coxwell, actually west of Coxwell and beyond Woodbine, but TAVIS? I haven’t noticed anything that would look like violence is rampant.

  3. A correction is needed as to the location of what my wife and I were told was a ‘drug bust’. It was taking place at the coffee shop with ‘no-name’ one door east of Happy Days. I know Happy Days is a bit of a ‘booze can’ but they were not the location being raided.

  4. I found this on the Police website:

    Five men, one woman faces 37 charges in drug investigation,
    Project Fourth and Goal
    Friday, August 12, 2011
    Drug Squad
    On Thursday, August 11, 201, at 7 p.m., Toronto Drug Squad Enforcement Teams executed eight drug warrants at six homes and businesses in the Woodbine Avenue/Danforth Avenue area.
    The warrants were executed at the following addresses:
    − (Suzanna’s Café), 2046 Danforth Avenue
    − (Double Shots Espresso Bar), 1810 Danforth Avenue
    − 1284 Danforth Road, #218
    − 225 Gledhill Avenue
    − 228 Gledhill Avenue
    − 1696 Danforth Avenue
    It is alleged that:
    − police seized a quantity of cocaine, Oxycontin, $75,000 (Canadian), $11,000 (American)
    and a BMW

  5. A third location that was subject to an executed drug warrant on Thursday night was Gledhill Convenience (225 Gledhill) on the southeast corner of Lumsden and Gledhill Ave.

  6. I was going to say that that convenience store is kind of sketchy looking, but ALL the convenience stores around here are sketchy looking.

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  8. Does this relate to the fact that helicopters were flying overhead on Friday afternoon between 4-6pm?

  9. I am a resident of the Lumsden/Woodbine area and have been actively working to get a crack house shut down with another neighbour. The address of the crack house is 317 Cedarvale Ave. There is a convenience store on the corner of the building called Jay’s. The convenience store is fine but there have been break-ins on Cedarvale Ave and Lumsden Ave. There is active drug trafficking in broad daylight. Prostitution sometimes when the money is short and various seedy customers frequenting the building to score drugs. Obvious crack addicts live there and unfortunately my daughter has to walk right by the building to get to DA Morrison school. Local politicians aren’t doing anything and we keep getting the run around. We are frustrated to say the least.

  10. to the 9year resident – the helicopters were news helicopters reporting on the fire on Bastedo

  11. No surprise about Suzanna’s.

    Actually, when I first read this entry, I was going to mention it before I knew it was raided. Last week, I watched a pair of young girls (if they were 15 I’d be shocked) totter in on high heels and outfits you don’t often see outside of strip clubs. Judging by their conversation (really, do they think that using cell phones makes it a private call on a sidewalk?), its a “happenin’ spot”.

    And speaking of Oxy? a few years ago, before the antique store changed hands, I was inside browsing and saw a guy dressed in pajamas (it was afternoon…) come in, lay down a $20 bill and get a single white pill in return. He then shuffled off home. (Sorry, I should have called it in, but it took a few days for my head to get around the blatancy of it).

    And Patricia May Morrow is mother of the year!

  12. Hi everyone. In response to concerns like those of Sean regarding the northern part of our area, a number of residents have founded the Woodbine Heights Association.

    Our ultimate goal is to revitalize local commerce and address crime by filling local main streets (i.e., Woodbine & Lumsden / Mortimer) with law-abiding pedestrians and cyclists. The present issues arise from the fact that there simply aren’t enough eyes on the street. Passing motorists are too coccooned, and too fast-moving to monitor street activity (or to visit local businesses).

    Our first project is a modest “guerilla garden” on the Woodbine & Lumsden intersection. We’ve gotten tremendous support and encouragement from from local councilor Janet Davis, the MPP Michael Prue and the newly-elected MP, Matthew Kellway. Local businesses like New Stars Video and the Oak Park Deli have also been incredibly enthusiastic. They’ve pledged to let us use their property, and they’re already lending a hand with watering, materials etc.

    To join or volunteer with the Woodbine Heights Assocation, email

  13. I’m not surprised that Michael Prue and Matthew Kellway are supportive. They seem to be very helpful when I’ve asked. Interesting that Davis should be in the bunch. It seems her best smile is akin to a scowl and that there has to be something-in-it for her to get involved in anything.

    Glad to see the Woodbine Heights Association making headway. We cheer you on!

  14. To Liam:
    I don’t think you know (Janet) Davis very well. If she has any scowl it is because of her concern for what is happening to Toronto right now and particularly in her ward – 31. I have attended many City Council committee meetings she sits on and she is articulate, devoted to her constituents and as hard working as I’ve ever seen anyone. Please get to know her.

  15. Hi Sean,
    I’m looking in buying a place at 252 Coleridge Ave and the price is pretty hard to look past but I’m concerned about the crime in the area and am wondering if you’d recommend living here? I love the location and it’s so close to trails and pretty much under 20 mins drive to everything. The place needs work but for the price it might just be worth it.

  16. It looks like there was some more action at Happy Days last night. Drove by around 11pm and there were a couple of cruisers out front and the place was taped off. Anyone know what may have happened?

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