At The Market

O.k. so I’m a little behind on the market updates.  Even volunteer bloggers need to take a holiday now and then :-)

The last few weeks at the market have been fantastic.  This picture is from Yoga For Kids day.  Thanks to Susan for sharing!

Unfortunately corn fest day happened to fall on the hottest day in the history of the world so there wasn’t quite as big a crowd as usual, but those that came enjoyed great music and great food.

As for this week?  Well gosh darn it, there will be eggs.  Fresh from the farm eggs.  Delicious ‘oh yeah THIS is what eggs are supposed to taste like’ eggs.  I Do so like fresh eggs and ham.  I like them like them, Sam I Am.

And for the kids?  Crafts with Melissa @ 3:30 p.m.  – Potato Stamped T-Shirts. 

Up-cycle a t shirt from home and design your own t shirt. There will be many different stamps and patterns to create. You can leave your creation to dry while you shop the market. We will have a few extra shirts available to purchase if you forget and would still like to participate. Donations are graciously accepted to help cover the supplies.

 Also – Toronto Library at 4:30 for story time.

 And – the ever-popular face painting at 4:30 too.

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