Not Quite Last Minute Gifts

Give the gift of local food, strong community and general neighbourliness by making your way to Caketown Cafe and picking up some East Lynn Farmers’ Market Bucks. It’s the perfect gift for neighbours or nannies or foodies or as a most well-received  hostess gift.  Caketown Cafe is just west of Woodbine on the south side of Danforth (beside the big hole).

If you’re worried about where all this holiday eating is getting you, you might want to check out CareerFitmom.   This is a local business serving mostly moms and babies but also provides women’s-only fitness.  The next session starts January 10th, but if you register before Dec. 27th, it’s only $85 for six weeks.  Classes are at Cosburn and Woodbine.

CareerFitmom is owned by Beth Yarzab and Beth is teaching a fitness instructor certification course between Christmas and New Year’s.  Teaching fitness is a great, flexible job so if you are interested in knowing more, contact Beth at beth(at)

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  1. Is there anywhere in the DECA neighbourhood where we can have our son visit with Santa or must we troop off to a mall?

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