Kickin’ it Old’s Cool!

A really, really cool new shop has opened up on our north-east boundary and you all need to know about it, and go and visit them. Old’s Cool General Store is on the north-west corner of Lumsden & Westlake and let me tell you, this is more than your average convenience store.

n/w corner of Lumsden & Westlake | Open Mon-Sat, 9-9, Sun, 11-7

Step inside and you’ll feast your eyes first on a table full of candy. A quaint bistro set sits in the front window and coffee and cookies are available for purchase.  Walk in even further in and you won’t find any dusty containers of expired shortening here – the food on the shelves is high quality and pretty much the opposite of what you’d expect. Lots of organic food (including baby cereal), fancy chips, soda and chocolates, and all sorts of unexpected gems. They even have a wall of their very own branded Sigg water bottles (thanks to a neighbour with connections!) on sale for only $14.99.

So now you’re hungry and loving the store and then comes the decor section, which is like a mini arts fair with a nice selection of locally produced artisan products as well as antiques and other surprises. It’s amazing.

Owners Mariko and Zahra have hopes of running community events in the back area (which they are slowly clearing as part of their phased reno of the shop) and you can see this sincerity in the invite below to their official grand opening, this Saturday, September 12 from 4-5pm.


Come and see for yourself, and let’s give this great new business a proper Danforth East welcome!

If you’re not already convinced, more pics are below (I couldn’t help myself – it felt like finding a secret treasure in there!)


Old timey (and new timey) candy including, bobobats for 35 cents apiece
Cool selection of organic sodas and drinks


Organic baby food? Check.


Local artisans sell their creations in the back of the store




Artisan creations, antiques and other surprises


Old’s Cool Sigg Water Bottles


Mariko in action – these happy customers bought organic maple bacon flavoured chips (which are totally healthy because they’re organic, right?)
Oh, and yes, they have lotto (and milk, eggs and candy bars – usual convenience stuff!)


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