Jane’s Walk This Saturday!

Jane's Walk

Now that the weather has decided to feel like spring, it is time to stretch our legs and enjoy leisure walks in the great outdoors again. What better way to see all the changes winter hid away than to explore the neighborhood through a Jane’s Walk! This Saturday, May 5, DECA’s own Stephen Wickens will be leading a Jane’s Walk entitled “The Death and Life of Upper Midway” where he will use pictures and maps to discuss the geography and economic history of the East Danforth and the potential for the future. The walk will start at 10 am on the south side of Danforth at Morton Road between Woodbine and Main stations and end at Lindsmore Tavern near Greenwood station. Find out more how our neighborhood has evolved from the early 1900’s into its current revitalization as our favorite Toronto neighborhood!

Danforth image

Photo credit to the Photo guide for the Death and Life of Upper Midway Jane’s Walk (Year 11)


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