Guess Whose Running For City Council?

I suppose it had to happen eventually.

You get a bunch of community-minded people together and sooner or later one of them is going to try and play in the big leagues.

Mary-Margaret McMahon has been on the DECA executive since we were half a dozen people sitting around a dining room table.  She’s been instrumental in almost everything that DECA has become – from the farmers’ market to the countless environmental initiatives, from DECA Bikes to re-skilling workshops and so much more.  At least half of what you read on this blog comes straight from Mary-Margaret because she’s either organizing it or knows someone who is.

DECA is not a political organization.  It’s in our charter.  So you won’t see us endorsing one candidate over another in October’s municipal election. However, because she’s such an integral part of DECA, I thought you should know that Mary-Margaret is running in Ward 32 (south of the Danforth).  Her campaign launch party is Tuesday, May 18th at the Balmy Beech Club (1 Beech Ave – doors open at 7:30 – remarks at 8 p.m.)  RSVP to

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  1. Yeah, as if anyone’s going to go from being a community organizer to an elected official. That could never happen!

  2. Even if Mary-Margaret is not a front runner, I think that she is is in this for the long-term benefit of our community. I think by being part of the campaign, she will do a great job raising issues and sharing her vision and sowing the seeds for positive change in our neighbourhood.

    Good on you Mary-Margaret!

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