Fun Fair and One Less Empty Storefront

The Earl Beatty Fun Fair is Saturday, May 29th from 10-3 p.m.  It promises “fun and games for all ages” so I assume that means there will be canasta.  The Toronto Maple Leafs dressing room will be there along with face painting , games, inflatable fun, silent auction and raffle, vendors and yes, the world famous (yes world famous) ball hockey tournamet.

And – in this space at the beginning of April I passed along a rumour that the former Wind Jammers store just east of Woodbine would be a Rogers store.  As is so often the case, I was wrong.  Susan at True Brew tells me the sign is up for a Mobilicity outlet.  I had the right product, wrong company.

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  1. Still lovin’ the Cozy Cafe and Bakery! I stopped by on the weekend and sampled something new from their catering menu: Rolled Savoury Cakes with Cheese and Herbs. Wow.

    I tried two varieties: one with feta/marscarpone and spinach, the other with roasted red peppers and marscarpone. Both were delicious and incredibly pretty. To make them, Slavitsa and Vera alternate ultra thin layers of homemade savoury ‘cake’ with cheese, roasted peppers or spinach and snipped herbs. Then they roll each cake up like a jelly roll, ice it all over with creamy white marsarpone, and sprinkle it with herbs. Slice and serve, and each slice has colourful layers of vegetable and cheese.

    These would be spectacular for a luncheon or light dinner, and absolutely perfect for a baby or wedding shower. At this point, you need to order ahead, which I plan to do soon.

    Last week I also tried Cozy Cafe’s lunchtime pasta–a choice of 4 made-from-scratch sauces–rose, alfredo, meatball, tomato. Dee-lish!

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