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We got a few comments on our recent Cozy Cafe post that conveyed some frustration about landlords, the BIA, and what to do about our empty storefronts.  DECA is really taking on this problem, and our February pop-ups are being announced one-by-one on our Facebook page, which is also linked to our Twitter account! (We’ll post about them here too, but all in good time.)

You may or may not know this, but for many years, DECA has worked with the Mosaic BIA.  We have consistently appointed one Board member to be the BIA liaison to attend their meetings and flow information between the BIA and our Board, just to keep apprised of what we’re all up to.

Recently, we asked ourselves why we have never used DECAdiaries to let all of you know when the BIA will be meeting. The answer?  No reason at all!  So, here are the details of their next meeting:

Monday, February 4 at 7:00 p.m.
Toronto Model Photography, 1840 Danforth Avenue
(This is the business owned by BIA Chair, Jason, where the BIA will now have their office)

There is also a new BIA-DECA sub-committee, that the BIA formed.  Our liaison, Susan, is co-chairing it and she would welcome any new members!

If you want any further information about the BIA, the BIA-DECA sub-committee, or Monday’s meeting, please email Susan by clicking here.

(Remember, we are not the BIA – so if you go to the meeting, you are not going to a DECA meeting!)

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