Fall In Love With February Pop-Ups

Hi everyone, Natasha here again for a rare dip back into the DECA diaries blog pool.

Shhh….I have a confession to make: The most super fun job in all of the DECA world is sitting on the team that reviews the applications and interviews potential pop-up tenants. Whatever you do, don’t tell the others because I like them to think that I’m being SO gracious giving up my valuable time.

Actually it’s an amazing opportunity to meet and talk to interesting, passionate, enthusiastic people. Every story is different and they’ve all come to wherever they are through their individual routes and it’s inspiring to meet them and take some of that excitement and energy home. For both the December and February pop-ups we came out of the interviews with the same conclusion. We need more spaces! And lo and behold, we got them. (Note: they didn’t just appear like manna. Other volunteers hit the streets, knocked on landlord doors, worked the phones and convinced building owners to get on board. It’s no easy task and about 100% harder than reading applications and interviewing the tenants.)

Without further ado, DECA is delighted to introduce you to three new pop-ups opening this weekend! (um, well either this weekend or this week…it’s hard to get a store up and running in less than a week, so just a keep an eye out for them o.k?)

1898 Danforth – Fa Real Designz N Prints. www.fareal.com

You want a little extra energy in your life? Drop in and visit Allister and Tracy. Together this fun couple own Fa.real. Fa.real is an urban, retro brand of clothing that uses graphics and illustrations inspired by the 90s hip hop, Boom BAP era. Fa.real has established its own look of artistic, urban simplicity and a nostalgic retro feel that stands out from the common overdone street styles. But that’s just a sideline really. Fa.real Designz N Prints makes custom printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and pretty much any other piece of clothing you can think of. If you can think it, they can print it. Fa.real has a long list of regular clients including festivals, concerts and other events. They provide good quality and good prices for one custom shirt or 1000.

1801 Danforth – Krystle Lee. www.krystle.ca

Personal Shopper * Stylist * Private Sales * Wardrobe

If you love shopping, you will love Krystle. If you hate shopping, you will love her even more. If you have champagne taste on a beer budget, you might want to sit down. In spite of the fact that Krystle walked into our interview at Seb’s Cappuccino looking like she was at a cocktail party in Yorkville, she’s down-to-earth and full of fabulous and fun ideas.

Krystle hosts a few pop-ups a year and her clientele flock to these sales in droves. Her designer pop-ups offer a curated selection of new and gently-used high-end clothing & accessories. Krystle has been a personal shopper and image consultant for six years and has accumulated a roster of career-centric female clients. Krystle helps women find stunning stand out pieces that compliment and enhance their individual style.

1803 Danforth – Repetitions Fitness. www.repetitionsfitness.ca

Repetitions Fitness Studio: ‘The Foundation of Fitness’

Nadia is ready to work with you. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get toned or shed some unwanted body fat, Repetitions Fitness has just what you’re looking for! From boot camps to fitness challenges and from meal planning to a healthy meals delivery package, Nadia is offering a range of services geared toward overall health and well-being. Drop by the website to see what Repetitions has already done and then drop in on the shop to see what they can do for you.

Pretty great right? The exact hours of operation for all these shops are still being worked out, check out www.danfortheastcommunityassociation.com for up-to-date info.

And, if you’re wondering how LEN is doing, stay tuned, they’re looking to find a permanent home and we hope to be able to share good news soon!

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  1. Whoa, cool!!! I know Allister and Tracy personally! Haven’t seen them since 2010 though! It’ll be cool to hook up with them again!

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