Do you live north of Danforth on Cedarvale or Oak Park Ave?

Thanks to Councillor Davis for the message:

Cedarvale and Oak Park Construction Open House

You are invited to attend a drop-in event to learn more about upcoming work on Cedarvale Avenue and Oak Park Avenue, the schedule of work and what to expect during construction.

Monday, February 23, 6 to 8 pm, Danforth Mennonite Church, 2174 Danforth Ave.

In April the City of Toronto will be replacing a sanitary/combined sewer on sections of Cedarvale Avenue from Danforth Avenue to Milverton Boulevard and from 20 metres south of Carruthers Lane to Lumsden Avenue. The work is scheduled to be completed by September 2015.

Work will then begin in early fall on replacing the sanitary/combined sewer on Oak Park Avenue from Danforth Avenue to 75 metres south of Everett Crescent. This work will also include resurfacing of the road from Danforth Avenue to Cosburn Avenue and intersection improvements at Cosburn Avenue.

In combination with the sewer work on both Cedarvale Avenue and Oak Park Avenue, the City will be replacing the City-owned portion of any substandard water services. A water service connection is the pipe that connects your house to the City’s water distribution system to deliver water into your home. Your water service connection may be considered substandard if:

 it is made of lead or galvanized metal;
 it is smaller than the City’s 19 mm standard size;
 it is a double connection , delivering water to more than one residential property; or
 It is leaking or broken.

Project website

Contact: John Croxall, Field Ambassador 416-473-5799
General Inquiries 311 TTY 416-338-0889
Councillor Janet Davis

Ward 31 Beaches-East York 416-392-4035




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