DECA’s New Drivers, Scene 3

Here is our third installment of DECA’s talent show — aka, our new board members.

You’ve already met Mark Rullo and Linda Ballantyne.

Now, lucky neighbors, you get to meet……



Corinne McCabe (left) with the owner of her beloved Vincenzo’s Italian Grocery, Sam (middle), as well as Al and Sam’s daughter Mary. Vincenzo’s is located at 2406 Danforth Ave.

My name and age is…. Corinne McCabe, age 43.

One thing people don’t know about me is…. I’ve been a realtor for the last 15 years, but come from a dance background. Isn’t that a “normal” transition?

I moved to Danforth East because… I always try to buy the ugliest house in the next up and coming neighbourhood. For example, my previous house was in Leslieville by Dundas & Pape.  I bought that house when there was only one bar —Stratengers. And look at it now!  I did buy the ugliest house possible in Danforth Village, and gutted the whole thing with the thought of selling within 3-4 years later.  I’m at 8 years now.  Itchy to move? Yes, as always, but actually really like living here so I’ll stick for a while until I can no longer bear the snow.

I was dying to join the DECA board… for a few reasons: to meet more people in the neighbourhood and to help if possible to improve it. Not that I want it to be another Leslieville, but somewhere in between would be nice.

The thing I love most about the neighborhood is… the ease of transit, TTC and GO make it a breeze to get downtown. I also like the good walk to the beach. I have a crazy dog, so nice spaces to walk in are key.

My biggest local pet peeve is… the land owners of stores who neglect their properties. I hate to be negative, but so be it. In Cabbagetown, the government offered a tax break incentive to those owners who fixed up the fronts of their buildings. Instead of tax breaks for vacancies, I think this was a great idea. It got many storefronts a new facelift which really helped.

My neighborhood secret is…  Vincenzo’s Italian Grocery store.

We buy fresh daily for dinners here. Vincenzo’s has all the best Italian ingredients you could imagine.  Their high-end pasta, fresh dandelion greens, and their hand-made sausage is delicious! My favourite section is the deli counter. Cheese is a weakness of mine, and they can slice their prosciutto so thin you can see right through it!  Wrap it around their fresh mission figs and drizzle some good quality balsamic vinegar over top, and you’ve got a snack made for the gods.

The place I go to on the Danforth that you’ve likely never frequented is…. Danforth Neighbourhood Pharmacy Care at Danforth & Westlake (2416 Danforth Ave.), on the north side. The best!  No line-ups, no waiting, no prep time. Call ahead, he knows who you are and will have everything ready for you.  A walk-in clinic is also on site!

My dream plan for this year as a DECA board member is…. to involve even more of the community. Getting the word out there, that involvement will equal improvements, a benefit to all.

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  1. Speros owner/pharmacist of Danforth Pharmacy is fabulous! The walk in clinic is conviently located in the pharmacy with very short or no wait times on most days.

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