Development Update 2362-2388 Danforth

As you probably know, developers will be constructing an 8 bay coin operated car wash at 2362-2388 Danforth. Since this property is zoned “Mixed Commercial Residential”, a car wash is permitted without rezoning. However, they have applied for a variance to the rear set-back – the distance between the back property line and the building. If the variance is granted, the car wash building will be located at the back of the site and cars will enter and exit from the front of the building rather than driving behind it. If you have any concerns with this, you may attend the Committee of Adjustment on:

Wednesday September 11, 2013
1:00 p.m.
Committee Room 2, 2nd Floor
City Hall, 100 Queen St W

You can also send comments in writing to Jenny Stark, Senior Planner, and copy Janet Davis at

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  1. Re. the 8 bay coin operated car wash at 2362-2388 Danforth.
    I suppose that it is marginally worse to have all the cars coming in over the sidewalks from the Danforth, making it even less likely that any person would want to walk on that stretch of the street. On the other hand one would feel sorry for the folks who would have to endure the noise and pollution of cars coming right next to their back yards into the washing bays. What is it about this stretch of the Danforth (east of Cedervale for two or three blocks) that attracts such abysmal, street life killing, development? Two car dealerships on one side of the street, a parking lot for a dealership on the other, as well as a service station, and now a car wash. The area is pretty much a dead zone. There must be some sort of nasty karma acting here so that no people oriented businesses can operate, let alone flourish. In any event, given the unfortunate zoning situation, the area seems doomed to exist as a car dominant suburban enclave in the midst of a part of the city that should be (could be) a people oriented and walkable neighbourhood.

  2. Rumour has it that this car wash is short term with a bigger development planned for down the road. Also, a building is slated to rise across the street (Morris Auction wasteland) and heard through the grapevine that Wiseguys was purchased. Will be interesting to see what happens.

  3. I was sure to submit my thoughts on the matter to Counc. Davis. Agree this area seems doomed to continue to have ‘street life killing’ developments. Unfortunately its going to take some time. In 2002ish, down the street at 1533ish danforth (coxwell to monarch park dr.) there was a car dealership that turned into mixed used street front townhouses. Its now been 10 years and that stretch is finally starting to get some street life. If there has to be Car dealerships, I’m ok with the Kia design as it fits and makes it pedestrian freindly, but the Honda layout is a waste of space. Same with the gas station. Its prime street front space.

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