Danforth East Arts Fair: Meet artist Eric Davy

It’s less than a week until the 2013 Danforth East Arts Fair (DEAF13) in East Lynn Park. There will be dozens of artists offering a range of artwork, gifts, crafts and clothing as well as food, live entertainment and other family fun. In this post, we learn a bit more about Eric Davy of Davy Glass. Davy and his collection of hand-blown colourful glassware were a fan favourite last year, winning the People’s Choice award. He speaks with DEAF13 organizer Shauna Rempel about his inspiration, where his art has taken him and what he thinks about beige.


1. What is the best way for people to learn more about your work (besides coming to East Lynn Park this weekend)?

I prefer for people to learn more about my art through my website DavyGlass.ca as it gives the broadest scope of the work I make.

2. Please describe your work in 10 words or less.

Hand-blown classical shapes, featuring modern surface design.

3. How did you begin your creative journey? How did it evolve?

I began working with glass at 16, I dropped out (of high school) and apprenticed under Alfred Engerer, who steered me clear of trouble. Later I went to Sheridan College and now nobody asks about high school.

Since then I have worked with artists and in factories all over Canada.

Three years ago I began my own business and doing shows, gathering gallery representation along the way. I am now the featured glass blower at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Macao, China twice a year for two months and the resident glass blower at the Red Barns and Artists Play Ground for three.

4. What inspires you?

I take much of my inspiration from the feelings that certain times of day, in certain settings can conjure — in a word, nature.

5. How is your work different from that of other artists in your field?

I embrace a certain amount of chaos, my work is loud and aggressive. I feel we live in a beige world and we need more accents.

6. Finally, what are you most looking forward to at the Danforth East Arts Fair?

Winning the viewers’ choice competition a second year in a row.

E.J. (Eric) Davy of Davy Glass at work while an artist in residence at the Venetian resort in Macau, China.

E.J. (Eric) Davy of Davy Glass at work while an artist in residence at the Venetian resort in Macau, China.

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