#DEdreams in Pictures

A huge, big thank you to everyone for coming out and making last week’s Danforth East Dreams event such a fun and successful day!

Over 400 (!) of you joined us to share what you love about the ‘hood and your dreams about how we can make it even better. There were tons of great ideas, including:

  • starting a community garden (Attention those of you who loved this idea: good news is coming soon!)
  • a neighbourhood wide golf tournament in which everyone sets up a hole on their lawn
  • bringing back monarch butterflies to Monarch Park
  • bike lanes on Danforth
  • converting the TTC buildings at Coxwell (South side of Danforth) into a public space with a park, stores and housing
  • rabbits (the young lady didn’t elaborate on her vision, but rabbits are indeed pretty cool all on their own)

We even spied an idea that looked an awful lot like a marriage proposal (possibly a DECA first?). We’ll continue collecting all the ideas and share the full results in the next few weeks. Until then, have a look at the fantastic pictures taken by Bruce, Tina and Casey. See if you spot your idea or recognize someone you know posing with their dream.

Once again, many thanks to Melanie’s Bistro, Moberly Natural Foods, Beau’s, LEN, Rebel Therapy Yoga, Air Zound bike horns, Ankh Yoga, 32 Spokes, Mrs. Darling’s Imaginarium for Girls & Boys, Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon for the use of her popcorn machine, the Toronto Repair Cafe and the owners of 1811 Danforth, Haig and David.

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  1. I have always wondered why the old streetcar barns at Coxwell have not been repurposed to a building that more directly benefits the local community. What does the TTC use that building for now?

  2. Thanks DECA for organizing another fabulous opportunity for the local community to come together and inspire each other. We live in such a special neighbourhood.

  3. Hi Mike,
    Here’s (the simplified!) answer from DECA’s resident local historian, Stephen Wickens:

    – For now, the TTC’s station collectors report for work at that site (about 325 of them) and they use the main space out back for parking.
    – The other purpose is warehousing, which employs six: Air filters and subway train trucks (the wheel assemblies).
    – The TTC says it may need the site for these purposes for another five to 10 years, though people on DECA visioning committee have been talking with the TTC, the councillors, academics and city planners about how to decrease the ugliness short-term, speed the timeline considerably and to shape the eventual redevelopment.
    – According to the late urbanist Jane Jacobs, our neighbourhood economy and vibrancy suffered badly with the large-scale loss of employment after World War II, and when the TTC vacates that site, another 330 jobs that support local shops and restaurants could be lost. There are many things that can be done with the site that can benefit the community in many ways. Studies are under way.

  4. Thank-you Amanda for that informative answer. Is the DECA visioning committee open to DECA members to be a part of?

  5. Hi Mike,
    Yes, the Visioning Committee would love your volunteer efforts! Please send an email to renew (at) DanforthEastCommunityAssociation.com so we can forward your contact details to the appropriate people.

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