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The Danforth East Arts Fair is accepting applications for the fourth annual event. Our popular, juried arts and crafts fair will host up to 60 artists this year along with food vendors, musicians, children’s crafts and much more. For more information and to get your application form, visit the website or contact

Thank you!

DECA would like to thank Paola Girotti, owner of Sugar Moon for her very generous donation to DECA. We charge $10/family/year and frankly not that many of you cough up the cash. We don’t need much money to do what we do. We mostly run on good wishes and happy thoughts, but it does take a little bit of money for permits etc. We are extraordinarily grateful to Paola for her kind donation to the cause.

What do you want to see on the Danforth?

We have this nasty little habit at DECA of stealing great ideas from other communities and making them our own. The latest is one we’ve stolen from a community in New Orleans. They put signs up on empty storefronts and wrote “I wish I was a….”. We’re doing something similar. We’re trying to get feedback from you about what you want to see on the Danforth. You can write your suggestions on the boards around the neighbourhood or post them here on the blog.

Maybe you think this area needs a new Thai restaurant?  If so, it looks like you’re in luck.  This is an application for a liquor license at the former Western Country Restaurant on the southwest corner of Woodbine and Danforth.

The next DECA board meeting is Tuesday, May 29th. E-mail natasha.granatstein(at) for the details if you would like to attend.

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  1. This area needs a fish market! We have just about everything in our little neck of the woods now but have to trek (and I use the term “trek” loosely since it isn’t really THAT far) to either Greek town or the Beach to get some fresh sea food. Would be nice if we could get some fresh fish while out doing some of our other shopping along Danforth.

  2. Yep, no doubt it, a fish market is a great idea. But a cheese shop would also be a great addition.

    BTW this whole needs thing is a wonderful idea. Congrats.

  3. I think a Curves would be awesome! I heard that they were looking to relocate from Woodbine/Cosburn to something closer to the subway. Would definitely help spruce up Danforth East!

  4. Great post! Really got me thinking. What does make a good ‘hood great? Thinking of other stretches in the city, it seems like a blend of cool fashion boutiques (a la Fresh Collective, Frock, Trove); casual-yet-cool dining experiences (Leslieville); kid-friendly stuff (like indoor playgrounds where parents can have a coffee); a pinch of recognizable chains (Sobey’s Express); and a LCBO! Plus – a fish monger. :)

  5. An LCBO ranks at the top of my list, the gap between Greenwood and Vic Park is too great. Sobeys has excess parking, I always thought that would be a good spot.

    Otherwise, more patios, (cafes/restaurants etc.) on corner sites, where you can get some room, and some healthy shade trees over the patio.

    A fish market is also an excellent idea.

  6. Actually, just noticed today that the liqour poster is missing, and there is a “For Lease” sign at the “soon to be, maybe not ever” Thai spot…

  7. UPDATE: the Thai place is apparently opening soon, no sure why the signs for rent are there (probably from the old landlords), but a NEW sign says: opening soon.

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