DECA Monarch Park Community Consult

As you may already know, DECA’s parks team is setting its sights on Monarch Park. It’s a jewel in our neighbourhood with beautiful old trees, a great pool and an ice rink and building. It’s terrific and we think it could be even better.

Citywide parks consultations were conducted last year and recreation programs are slated to be studied next. DECA wants to foster discussion of how it might affect and benefit parks users in our community, beginning with Monarch Park and its most immediate neighbours.

Please bring your views to our consultation session:
Thursday, April 12, 2012, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Monarch Park Collegiate auditorium

Give some thought to the following questions:

  • What’s best about Monarch Park in its present form? What must be preserved at all costs?
  • What problems are associated with living near the park?
  • Are the facilities and hours of operation adequate?
  • How do you use the park, and how often?
  • From your observations of how the park is used (or under-used), what redesign ideas should be considered?
  • How might the schools at either end of the park and the nearby facilities at Felstead Playground be better integrated into a plan that serves the broader east Toronto community?

If you have questions, further feedback or concerns, email us at

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  1. I am a concerned resident that you have called this meeting and that the councillors have not been invited or the MP’s or MPP’s that represent the areas that DECA supports.

    A second question, when did the boundaries change to past Coxwell and why hasn’t a flyer been given to all residents in the DECA area.

  2. Hi
    The councillors have most certainly been invited. In fact we changed the date to accomodate Paula Fletcher’s schedule and she’ll be there. With regard to boundaries, the boundary changed a few years ago and we although we generally rely on electronic communication, we do door-to-door flyers in advance of the AGM.

  3. i too had NO idea that your boudaries changed or that as a resident of this part of the danforth Coxwell/Greenwood, that Deca was even involved with our little block…in all honesty not too sure how i feel about it. Who sits on Deca from our area exactly?

  4. The feature that has always drawn me to the park most, is the pool. So that needs to stay; though the changeroom/office area could certainly do with an upgrade.

    In terms of the open space, i’d love to see a portion of the area, that’s under the big trees regenerated into a woodlot (mini-forest); by no means the entire area, as space for picnics and set-backs for safety are required; but I love the area next to the big playground in Kew Gardens that they reforested, I think something similar would look lovely in Monarch Park.

    At the same time, it would eliminate time-consuming maintenance in areas where the grass often grows very poorly anyway.

  5. I will be there. I just hope whatever bright spark came up with the idea to put massive boulders in the Merill Dog Park keeps quiet. Giant rocks in an area dogs are running around at top speed – who could have foreseen disaster there?!

  6. JUst hope the dogs have their say.. and stay.. this is a gem and hope it can be left natural and unspoiled. Why change this .. it works well as it is.. so ..please lets just keep it as it is – a beautiful place. This park has an old fashioned timeless appeal which is completely refreshing in a city – it has multiple uses and is well used. What needs to change? leave this alone and let nature work.

  7. I can’t make it to the meeting but wish I could. As a resident of the area for about 18 years I would like to say the park is wonderful. Please keep the playground, if not expand it. It would be nice to see a payphone that dials 911 in the tunnel, or a video camera, or some sort of other saftey system to deter ‘undesirable behavior’ especially at night time. A costly but potential alternative could be some sort of overpass, also decorated by pupils at local schools. Most importantly, and less costly, please make some sort of bathrooms available year round. There are none within close walking distance and it’s a problem after having a coffee and spending sometime in the playground with the kids!

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