DECA Gem – Amathyst Spa

Susan S. is great for sending over little tidbits here and there.  She recently sent over a profile of Amethyst Spa (on the north side of Danforth, west of Coxwell) as a DECA Gem.  Today, as luck would have it, Amethyst is offering a fabulous Groupon. So act now, there are only a few hours left.

“I’ve been going there for facials for a couple years now.  Never knew she was there if it weren’t for a trusted friend.  She’s had this location for over 10 years (but has also practised in the States and Europe too) and she lives in the neighbourhood.  She is a miracle worker, who takes her gifts very seriously.  She uses only top spa cosmetic brands (ie Dermatelogica) and really treats every body like a queen and a friend.  She greats you warmly with pristine slippers, robes,etc…  literally bundles you up like a baby and spends at least an hour and a half gently but thoroughly cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating your face, and in my case, decollete.  At the end she gives a strong arm, neck and shoulder massage that turns you too a pool of jelly (my favourite part).  I’ve sent my 18 year old son to her for an acne breakout.  Even my husband has had a few man facials with Yvonne (went kicking and screaming, but came home looking young,  rested and clean as a whistle!)  She also does waxing, full body exfoliation, massage and nails etc… ( as a certified podologist, she cured my friends’ serious toenail condition!).

I was in for a facial to-day and she gave me a tour of her newly expanded service of a combo T-zone vibration machine, full table massager, infrared sauna, and la piece de resistance, a new room which is a halotherapy salt cave.  These are well known in Europe for treatment of overall health (respitory conditions, fatigue, immune system, and skin issues).  The room is literally 360 degrees of this specific salt, and does in fact feel like being in a salt cave. (There was a story on this treatment on CNN last week).  I haven’t tried these new services,  meant to be used in tandem, but I think it would be fun to come with a couple of friends and make a spa morning of it  (you are served beverages and there is a relaxing lounge with fireplace involved and robes etc…).  Just wanted you and everyone else to know about my decadent pleasures on the Danny.”

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