Death and Taxes Part Two

Our call for local lawyers resulted in a bunch of recommendations.  Who says everybody hates lawyers?  Apparently not the ones in this neighbourhood.  Thanks very much to all who gave suggestions! Here they are in no particular order…

1. From Leo…We did ours at Clarke/ Freeman/ Miller & Ryan at Danforth and Glebemount. Very reasonable.

2. From ‘T’…Cedarvale and Danforth Law office. Sorry, can’t remember the name at this moment. Did my will some time ago and it was very reasonable.

3. From Janet…I highly recommend Denise Badley, 2069 Danforth, 2nd floor, at Woodbine and Danforth.  416-690-6195

4. From Deborah…I would recommend Duncan Boardman, Barrister & Solicitor, 416-424-4640.  He is located on Coxwell, just south of O’Connor.  Duncan is very approachable and helpful in answering any questions you may have.  He also keeps the process (which can be daunting), simple.

5. From Susan…My brother is a lawyer (over 20 years) who’s primary focus is wills and estates and real estate closings.  He is a sole practitioner with an office downtown at 1 Toronto St. and lives in the neighbourhood with his family around Donlands.  He has a stellar reputation for his fast, accurate and thorough client services.  You can contact him at 416-860-7160.
6. From Christine…Try Dashwood & Dashwood on Kingston Rd.  They have been in the neighbourhood since 1926 and they specialize in wills and real estate. I believe they are third generation. My father knew Mr. Dashwood Sr. and recommended them to me for a legal thing.  They were quite honest and told me what to do.  In the end I didn’t need to use their service… advice.. no charge.  Drawing up a will at max should be $250. They should give you the cost over the phone.

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  1. Sorry, my referral for my brothers’ law services should have included his name, Scott Blair 416 860-7160. Susan.

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