Danforth Mosaic BIA

Two of our DECA exec members attended the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Association Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago. They sent along these thoughts…

It was a real eye-opener. Although the BIA covers 500 businesses, fewer than 15 business owners were there. The new chair said the last year had been a total failure: bad flowers, lame festivals and a broken board that started with 20 members and ended with 10 (including 4 city councillors). He begged business owners to join him on the board.

Here’s what was eye-opening: the BIA has a budget of $200,000 — 100 times what DECA runs on. And, two business owners who were there, added $46,000 to the budget for flowers and a full-time coordinator, just like that. The point: The BIA has the funds to make real change on the Danforth. We should support it.


Go into your favourite stores on the Danforth and ask the owners if they’ve considered joining the BIA board. Push them to — it requires only one night a month and the results could be phenomenal.

We’ve already talked to Roger at Plank Road Market and Tammy at Carter’s (who was there). Who will you talk to?