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Two of our DECA exec members attended the Danforth Mosaic Business Improvement Association Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago. They sent along these thoughts…

It was a real eye-opener. Although the BIA covers 500 businesses, fewer than 15 business owners were there. The new chair said the last year had been a total failure: bad flowers, lame festivals and a broken board that started with 20 members and ended with 10 (including 4 city councillors). He begged business owners to join him on the board.

Here’s what was eye-opening: the BIA has a budget of $200,000 — 100 times what DECA runs on. And, two business owners who were there, added $46,000 to the budget for flowers and a full-time coordinator, just like that. The point: The BIA has the funds to make real change on the Danforth. We should support it.


Go into your favourite stores on the Danforth and ask the owners if they’ve considered joining the BIA board. Push them to — it requires only one night a month and the results could be phenomenal.

We’ve already talked to Roger at Plank Road Market and Tammy at Carter’s (who was there). Who will you talk to?

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  1. Saw your plea and tried to respond to Mosaic. Both the website and facebook
    contact email are not in operation? Any other way to contact them?

  2. Interesting thought. In fact, I don’t think there is a way. BIA’s have the power to collect levies from businesses and they receive funding through the City. We are a residents’ association and only have the power of wishful thinking and elbow grease. Hopefully DECA can build some good partnerships with the new BIA board. We have a lot of common goals. – Natasha

  3. As a community group, DECA can have one member on the BIAs Board of Executives. In the past, you have had someone represent DECA, it was Wayne Chee.

  4. We have had DECA members sit on the BIA board in the past. This year we have someone from the DECA board who is acting as a liaison between DECA and the BIA – attending meetings sharing information.

  5. Great to hear that Deca and the BIA will collaborate together to improve our business community. When will the New BIA Board begin consultations?

  6. Why would anyone be crazy enough to volunteer their time to help after 1 person — the previous board chair who was subsequently forced to resign in the face of a report from the city’s ethics commissioner — was allowed to destroy all the good things the previous BIA board had accomplished in the neighbourhood?

  7. The original BIA was sensitive to community interests. There were several community members on the board, and, in 2010, a DECA rep on the board. After the election in Dec.2010, there was nobody speaking for DECA. The BIA is a City-run organization of business and property owners and DECA is a community group, so they can’t merge but they could run in concert. That just wasn’t done by the last board. Remember the wonderful jazz festival nights, Santa parties in the BIA office, fabulously decorated holiday windows, and amazing family festivals? It’s time the BIA bring back the community-friendly events and reach out to the people who support the businesses. The previously-misguided board needs a wake-up call. Maybe some new board members will do that.,

  8. Some of us are still willing to volunteer our time – because we care about the community we live and work in! I would love to be back on the board, and have sent off a letter to the BIA, and filled out the form as requested. Still waiting to hear back…..

  9. I admire anyone that has the time and tenacity to volunteer their time to such an endeavour.
    Given the recent volatile nature of the BIA board, it’s a wonder that anyone would put themselves forward in such an environment.
    That aside, not everyone has an outward approach to community activism and many do not have the time to devote to it while running their own full time businesses.
    I don’t think it’s a matter of caring but more of what you can contribute in your own way.
    If you choose to volunteer for the BIA then that’s great and if you work hard everyday to try and improve your little corner of the Danforth then that’s ok too.
    Whoever ends up on the BIA, I can only hope that they are more inclusive, open to all ideas and accepting of opinions other than their own. Thus far this has not been the case.
    I can only hope for a well maintained street scape with flowers in the summer and lights in the trees to encourage people to stop, shop and dine here.
    I am so proud to be part of this community and want others to discover our little corner of the east end so we can continue to grow and improve ~ BIA does stand for ‘Business Improvement Area’ after all.

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