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Thanks to Sarah Kiriliuk for this Danforth Gem….


 Danforth East denizens who consider coffee a secondary food group have already started to line up for their daily brews at the newly opened Red Rocket coffee at 1364 Danforth, just west of Monarch Park. 

Those already familiar with the aromatic roasts of the famed Leslieville coffee house know that their coffee is second to none. Although the Leslieville location was forced to close, their loss is Danforth’s gain. The new Danforth location resides in the space formerly belonging to Three’s Company Two and Niche. A minor facelift has transformed the space into a cozy and chic spot on the strip to get your daily dose of java. There is an an antique children’s school desk in front of the fireplace and archived prints of the real red rocket framed along the wall. We shouldn’t forget to mention that there is lots of room for stroller parking!

The coffee and espresso offerings are partnered with a selection of treats and sandwiches, with more menu items on the horizon. Here’s a hint: blueberry bran muffins are not always that appealing, but the ones found here are worth writing home about!

If you’re looking for a place to answer emails or get some work done, Red Rocket offers free Wifi – look for the passcode on an antique chalkboard on the wall. 

And the final bonus is the cheery staff behind the counter. A handful of former Three’s Company Two employees stayed on with Red Rocket, so you will still be seeing familiar faces at the espresso machine. 

For news and updates, read the Red Rocket blog: http://redrocketcoffee.blogspot.com/.


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  1. I just want to say how fantastic it’s been opening here on the Danforth. The way the nieghbourhood has both welcomed and embraced us has been awesome! While we are sad that we had to leave our old digs in Lesliville (it was our first store) I can’t stress enough how excited we are to be in the midst of the streetscape dynamics of The Danforth. The potential offered is considerable.
    Red Rocket Coffee is proud to call The Danforth it’s new home.
    We are among good company.
    Thanks guys!

  2. Welcome! I am so happy to have a great shop like yours in my ‘hood. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come!

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