Cycling workshop tonight (Thursday)

We are so excited to kick off our DECA Zero workshops tonight with Spencer from Cyclepath getting our bikes ready for city cycling!

Register here!

To get Spencer warmed up and ready for our questions, we’ve asked him a few about himself, home-school-style:

1. History:How long have you worked at Cyclepath/worked with bikes? How long has Cyclepath been in the community?

I started working at The Cyclepath in June of 2020, right in the thick of it. It was a steep learning curve for me with the bike sales world, and I brought a lot to the table for my bosses. I rebuilt their entire website, restructured their online presence, and breathed new life into the efficiency of their e-commerce in a time where it was so crucial. I am now the go-to guy for their online stuff, which is why I answer about 95% of the shop’s emails. The Cyclepath Danforth opened in 1988 during a huge franchising push by the brand. The franchise has since disbanded and many of the shops that were once Cyclepaths now use other names, like Sweet Pete’s. The Cyclepath Danforth has been owned by Christina and Carlos since the beginning, and many of the original mechanics still work in the basement today!

2. Geography:What’s your favourite place to ride in Toronto? What other east-end businesses do you recommend?

I love riding bikes by any means necessary, however I pride myself in being primarily a mountain biker. I have been riding Specialized bicycles, our flagship brand at the shop, since I was about 4, and used to race on a national level. The Don Valley is a hard place to beat when it comes to enjoying the Toronto cycling scene. There are so many hidden gems right at my doorstep, and every time I ride I discover something new. We love all of our neighbours on the Danforth! While we have been here for quite a while and have seen businesses come and go, our close bond with Tidal Fitness, Legacy Indoor Cycling, and my love for PomaRosa’s hot chocolates make them our choices for favourite businesses. 

3. English:What are your go-to websites/channels/books for bikes and bike maintenance?

When it comes to bike maintenance, there’s nobody I trust more than the guys downstairs at our shop to know what needs to be done. I’ve been working on bikes for a while, but our mechanics combine for roughly 150 years of experience with bicycles of all kinds. When it comes to DIY work, I usually turn to Worldwide Cyclery, GMBN, and PinkBike, to lead me in the right direction. When it comes to helpful tips and tricks, our website’s resources tab has all the need-to-knows on biking in the city.