Construction Update: The home stretch

Thanks to Corrine McCabe for representing DECA at the Danforth Construction update meetings and for providing this update on the work currently being completed between Woodbine and Victoria Park.

As you have likely seen, we are into the home stretch.  According to the City, we are a week or so from completion of construction.

The street grinding on the south side of the Danforth just started last week.  They scheduled two to three days for grinding, then adjustments, then the final paving will be underway.

The date for the street sign re-installations is still TBD as they are looking at newly designed black poles with multiple signs on each so the street is not cluttered with different poles.

Street furniture will go back, with the addition of perhaps more benches on the strip.

ATTENTION BIKE ENTHUSIASTS! Bike rings will be re-installed–look for the spray painted circles with a line on the side walk for where they’ll be placed. There are no plans to increase the number of bike rings at present, but if any resident feels they would like more, they are to contact the City at and request the location.  There’s budget for bike poles every year, so get your request in ASAP.  The City will review the request, and look at the area to see if another bike ring is indeed required.

All the trees have now been planted.  In a previous post we shared that the City planned on planting Norway Maples (among other species of trees).  A few readers questioned this choice given it is an invasive species.  We asked about that choice, however never got a real answer other than those trees have done well in Toronto street plantings.

The one and only existing tree railing on the south side of Danforth just East of Woodbine is just an idea. It will not be the final look.  This one is black, and realistically they will be looking at something that is not painted nor aluminium (paint chips and aluminium rusts).  The ground cover you see planted in that one example is also just an idea… it is often used on green roofs, so it may be used in further plantings. Final dates for the installation are not confirmed.

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  1. Useful little piece thanks. The area looks much improved. However many folks I know are wondering if the same kind of street scape improvements will be on the west side of Woodbine? That strip also is in need.Any word?

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