Community Benefit?

So, how do you feel about the fact that the City Parks and Planning departments and Councillor Sandra Bussin decided to turn the popular East Lynn Park wading pool into a spray pad without so much as a phone call to either DECA or the Friends of East Lynn Park?  They decided to use the Section 37 ‘community benefit’ money that will result from the rezoning of the ‘big hole’ building to turn the wading pool, which is guarded and maintained, into a splash pad, which is not.

This decision was made by the councillor and City even after DECA made it very clear that as an engaged community, we wanted to be involved in the conversation about how this money would be spent.  When we asked Sandra Bussin to be involved in this conversation when DECA held a community meeting about this development, she agreed, although not enthusiastically.  The information was in a document, apparently written in June, that was not available to us until this week.

Section 37 community benefit funding from this development is also going toward Stephenson Park near Westlake and Moncur park at Coxwell and Dundas.