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This summer the Danforth East Community Association partnered with 6 St. Joseph House, Bell Canada and the City of Toronto. We commissioned eight artists to paint Bell equipment boxes in our neighbourhood. Not only is this an injection of diverse art into our public space, it also deters vandalism and graffiti.

There are eight scavenger hunt questions to be answered. You have to visit the boxes to the find the answer. When you bring the answers to at least four questions to the DECA table at the Danforth East Arts Fair, your name will be entered to win the grand prize.

The Arts Fair is THIS WEEKEND.  10-5 Saturday and Sunday.  If you buy some Christmas gifts there, you will not regret it.  You will feel smug and self-satisfied for supporting local artists and being so freakin’ organized!

As I was saying…here are the questions.

From west to east:

1.  Greenwood Subway Station, Artist: Charles Weiss

What is the name of this painting?

2.  217 Parkmount, Artist: Shayona Panth

There is a number on the top of this painting. What is it?

3.  1675 Danforth, Artist: Greg Marshall

Can you find the artist’s name on this painting? Where is it?

4.  126 Roseheath, Artist: Jungle Ling

Artist, Jungle Ling, is putting the finishing touches on this painting. What is he painting in the bottom-left corner?

5.  331 Wolverleigh Blvd, Artist: Monica Wickeler

What street is this painting inspired by?

6. East Lynn Park: Jennifer Rogers

What year is this painting showing?

7.  2119 Danforth, Artist: Emilia Jajus

What store is this box beside?

8.  7 Barrington, Artist: Tak Bui

What year is this streetcar from?

By the way, this was a comment from one of our artists this week: “This was the most positive public painting experience I’ve had in my 20-something year career as a mural artist and it’s all thanks to the warm and generous spirit of the residents in your neighbourhood.” – Aw shucks.

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